Sister Jean’s Prayers Inspire Loyola Hoops Team

Sister Jean’s Prayers Inspire Loyola Hoops Team

Sister Jean is inspiring the world.

She is the 98-year-old nun who is the spiritual leader of the Loyola of Chicago men’s basketball team.

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She prays that they win. And they win and they win and they win.

Last night they won their Sweet 16 game against Nevada and advanced to the Elite 8 game on Saturday. If they win that – and given Sister Jean’s powerful prayers they probably will – the team will go to the Final Four.

No one saw this storyline coming when the tournament began a few weeks ago. They didn’t expect Loyola to win its first game let alone its second and third games. This team is supposed to have been beaten already, gone, at home, watching the other better-known teams play.

No one saw the story of Sister Jean coming either. A few weeks ago before this tournament began, she was not well known. Now the entire country – and several other parts of the world – know who she is.

She has been interviewed by dozens of media outlets. Her face is on national TV. Pictures of her are on sports print and online pages. Sister Jean is the center of the March Madness universe.

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It’s an irresistible story. She’s 98 years old. Not many women her age are alive let alone able to attend in person a college basketball game as she has. She’s there. She’s dialed in. She’s giving these players inspiration and hope that this magical, dream-like basketball ride won’t end.

So far it hasn’t. And don’t expect it to this weekend. Buoyed by Sister Jean’s prayers, this team will make it to the Final Four.

When that happens, many more people will become familiar with Sister Jean and the amazing story about this basketball team. This is a love affair between her and this team, and between everybody and her. This is a sports story for the ages, a unique situation and set of circumstances that we have never seen before.

Let’s all pray for Sister Jean and this team. May the divine spirits take them all the way to the national title.

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