Sad to Say Goodbye to Miss America, Caitlin Clark

I could move on, look ahead, stop being emotional. But I don’t want to. Not yet.…

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East Coast

Pulling for Nice “Fly-Over Zone” Teams to Dethrone East Coast Giants

I remember being in a Chicago restaurant one time some 20 years ago and the waitress…

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Hey Geno: Stop Playing Mind Games With Caitlin Clark

I tried, I really tried to find something else to write about besides Caitlin Clark. I…

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March Madness

March Madness: Sad To See Legion of Losers Go Away

They’re leaving us, steadily, day by day, game by game, heading back to their college campuses…

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Caitlin Clark

The Night All Americans Stopped to Watch Caitlin Clark

With the entire United States of America watching, with the pressure at its peak, with the…

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Conference Breakdown: Winners and Losers of the NCAA Tourney

As the field of 68 dwindles to four, it’s time to look back and evaluate which…

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Welcome Wolfman Whackjob to the Baby Boomer Brotherhood

A mouth as big as Texas. Teeth more lethal than Jaws. Royal blue and lime green…

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Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark Craze Is About Hope

You wake up this morning. You’ve got a big game to play – maybe your last…

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Never Sad When Carolina Loses

It was June, the summer after my senior year in high school. My older brother, a…

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Knecht and Kolek: Long Shots Lead Their Teams to Sweet 16 

  It all began for Dalton Knecht in Fargo, North Dakota, one of the most remote…

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