Dr. Jennifer Aniston To Sportface: “You’re Definitely Obese”

In a free-flowing and slightly awkward discussion this morning about the health and lifestyle of Sammy Sportface, a young Dr. Jennifer Aniston-looking internist doctor didn’t

Football Gets Freaky, Twisted Times Aplenty in 2020

All four quarterbacks for the Denver Broncos are not eligible to play football today because of concerns about catching the coronavirus.  This situation marks the

John Madden Touts Turducken as Barkley Whiffs from “Chuck Tees”

There they are, Sammy Sportface driving and John Madden riding shotgun in the Madden Cruiser golf cart. It’s the day after Thanksgiving and they’re covering

Ralph Garcia to Readers: “I’m Not Sammy Sportface”

Disinformation spilled all over the pages and weekly video shows of NGSC Sports as speculation escalated that the owner of sports behemoth, Ralph Garcia, was

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