Pistol Pete Merrill Whips Steve Stricker in Schoolboy Golf Tourney

Pistol Pete Merrill Whips Steve Stricker in Schoolboy Golf Tourney

When Pistol Pete was 15 and Steve Stricker was 12, they competed in the Wisconsin Schoolboy State Golf Championship.

Stricker, who went on to become a PGA Major Tournament winner and Ryder Cup Captain for the US team, got fired off the fairways by Pistol.

“I smoked Strick,” said Pistol Pete. “That defeat stung him so bad that he got motivated to be a pro golfer. I got more motivated to be the Chief of Ideation for the Sammy Sportface blog.”

In other golf storylines from the past, Rudyface and Sportface played a round of golf 40 years ago with Daniel Qweenie DJ Cunningham.

“I was struck by how much they sucked at golf,” said Qweenie, who has been gambling on golf for the past 48 years. “They were terrible, probably the two worst golfers I’ve seen. They were as bad at golf as Jim Reyes at basketball.”

Reyes went on to become a multibillionaire and dated NBC Today Show host Katie Couric.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Cardaci played 18 holes today and told his group about the Sammy Sportface Baby Boomer Brotherhood Blog.

“I told them what it was about and they said they’re not interested,” he said.

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