The Hard Hittahz Movement: This Is Who We Are

The Hard Hittahz Movement: This Is Who We Are

In the sports world, there are tailgate groups, fan clubs, and then there’s us. The Hard Hittahz Movement is a collection of die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans that began in 2015 by our Co-Founders Coach and Duke in California. Originally it was supposed to stay local, but as we all know, plans change. Now, it has expanded to 11 different states (California, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, Las Vegas Nevada, Oregon, Kansas, New York, New Jersey) and even includes two international chapters (Germany, United Kingdom).

Being a Hard Hittah goes beyond the sport of football. Yes, the Cowboys are what brings us all together originally but there are other layers to it. We don’t just get together during football season for tailgates or parties we get together year-round. There is no offseason for a Hard Hittah. We do Toy Drives, Back to School Supply Drives, Feed the Homeless Drives you name it. Giving back to our local communities is very important to us.

Of course, there’s the real-life aspect of this movement as well. Sometimes a member may come upon hard times and really need assistance with rent, bills, car problems, etc. What do we do in these situations? We allow our brothers and sisters to lean on us and make sure they know that we will not let them fall. That’s what family is all about.

Like anything else in life, not everyone comes into this with the right intentions. Some people simply want to party and have a good time, while there’s nothing wrong with that at all, that’s what tailgate groups do. This movement requires a lot of time and dedication to be a part of. It essentially becomes a job, but you don’t get paid in money, the benefits come with the relationships and bonds we form. If it’s determined a member can’t meet those standards we simply part ways, it’s never personal. Even if a member has to be removed or leaves for personal reasons those bonds don’t have to be broken. You can still come around and hang with us, after all, we’re all Cowboys fans at the end of the day.

How do you become a Hard Hittahz member?

It’s a pretty simple process. Once you decide you want to be a part of this you simply befriend our Co-Founder Coach and the State Mains in your chapter of interest (I’ll explain what those are shortly) on Facebook. Next, you have to prove yourself by showing up to every meeting your chapter has. These are extremely important for every chapter as problems, concerns, and ideas can be brought to the table. If you can’t make it, simply let your State Main know. Also, when there’s any other type of function like a birthday party or simply to hang out make sure you show up. Once you do this consistently your dedication gets rewarded by being brought in as an official member. You then choose a nickname you would like to go by and a number you want to represent you. Your continued commitment to the movement will put you in a position to earn a more important role, which I’ll talk about next.

The picture above is a breakdown of the movement’s organizational structure. The 1st State Main/1st Lady positions belong to Big Spanks and Cookie, a married couple who go above and beyond to open their home to everyone as well as offer advice and guidance to whoever needs it. The La Secre (Secretary of State, personal secretary to Coach) position belongs to one of my personal best friends Cali T. She, in a lot of ways, is the engine that makes the movement go as she leaves no stone unturned. State Mains are responsible for leading each chapter and making sure it runs smoothly. All problems, concerns or ideas will be brought you, which makes these positions the most vital for each chapter. I myself am a State Main of the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter alongside our leader Goose and KC our Lady State Main, my best friend and sister. If any chapter struggles with running correctly they’re put under what we call S.E.T. (States Enforcement Team) which consists of myself, Enforcer, Cali T, Lady Starr, and Lita. What we do is we simply come in and assist the chapter in getting back on its feet. State Administrators are right under your State Mains and play a vital role in helping each chapter run smoothly, basically, they are the eyes and ears of your leaders. Security Detail looks out for the safety of all members. Recruiters do just that, recruit and bring more members to the movement. Coordinators handle events, Editors take care of flyers for all events and Treasurer handles all finances.

My personal story in this movement began in September of 2016. I was out of work and contemplating leaving the state of Texas to return home to South Carolina. However, one of my best friends True Blue, a long-standing member of our DFW chapter invited me to the season-opening tailgate. I was then introduced to Cheef. He is the original Texas Hard Hittahz who is responsible for starting our DFW chapter, every other chapter in Texas as well as many others around the country and internationally. Once I expressed my interest to him he connected all the dots to get me in and the rest is history. The reason this tailgate had such an impact on me was the way so many people who didn’t even know me treated me like family. I knew I had to be a part of this amazing collection of Cowboys fans. That day, I decided I wasn’t going to leave Texas. It was all because of the love I received from people in this movement. Now that’s powerful wouldn’t you say?

There’s also a certain way a Hard Hittahz must carry themselves. The picture below is our code of conduct. If any member fails to adhere to it they will be removed, again it’s never personal.

In closing, this is not a gang. This is a collection of the most loyal, passionate and die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans in the world. If anyone is interested in joining my social media information is below. Simply contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction. To all my Hittahz worldwide much love and respect. Thank you for making me who I am in this movement, I hope I did us justice with this piece, I did this for us, Go Cowboys!

Facebook: Matthew Lenix

Twitter: @StarConscience

Instagram: Carolinaslimmjl

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