Billy Idol Pens Blog Without a Point

You remember that enigmatic and rebellious rock singer of yesteryear, Billy Idol, who riled us all up with his hit song “Eyes Without a Face.” Don’t you often wonder what Billy was getting at with his “eyes without a face” concept? Surely it’s occurred to you he ripped off the idea from the 80s rock […]

So You Want to be a Writer?

I struggle to justify posting a blog here about writing. Most of you, I imagine, don’t write for a living per se. Composing sentences may not be your favorite thing or obsession but it is most definitely mine. But there’s another part of me that thinks, hey, why not put down some thoughts about what […]

A Mother’s Love

Hello mom, how are you? I shouldn’t even have to ask because you’re always positive and in good spirits even if times are hard. That’s always been one of the amazing things about you is your ability to adjust no matter what the situation is. For over 37 years now we’ve had an incredible bond […]