Tiger Credits Sportface’s Book for His Spiritual and Athletic Resurrection

Tiger Credits Sportface’s Book for His Spiritual and Athletic Resurrection

Tiger Woods says the reason he has been able to resurrect his spiritual soul and become a world-class golfer again is that he read a book by American sports blogger, Sammy Sportface.

“I read Sportface’s classic self-help book Hit Upon God and it radically changed the trajectory of my life,” said Woods. “I was lost – as the world knows – but as I read Hit Upon God I suddenly felt that I was finding myself again, my inner feelings, my calling in life.”

Sportface penned Hit Upon God in 2003 and sold five copies to his Mother. He bought 10,000 himself, kept them in the garage collecting cobwebs for eight years, then hurled them out to the curb for the trash men to cram in their compactor and destroy.

“I’m glad Tiger was able to derive the kinds of life-changing tips that I had hoped millions would have when I wrote the book,” said Sportface, who is now busy on a new blog concept because The Baby Boomer Brotherhood Blog concept turned out to be a boondoggle. “I think Hit Upon God resonated with Tiger because the book had a blend of sports stories and inspirational themes that he could relate to. My guess is what really turned on Tiger was the chapter about Sportface making a game-winning shot at the buzzer to beat the ever-cocky Adrian Branch. That story had it all: spite, jealousy, triumph over evil, you name it.”

At the Master’s Tournament this week, Tiger has been crediting Hit Upon God for saving his life from spiraling into a deep abyss.

“I was on the brink, my life was in tatters, and then I read Hit Upon God and saw the light, like the tunnel people say they seem with the light when they die. I felt I was on my way to Heaven. Ever since then, I’ve been a big believer in the supernatural powers of Sammy Sportface.”

Sportface is at the Masters this week posting blogs about Tiger and the bitter interpersonal squabbles between Bryson Debozworth and Brooks Koepka.

Koepka hasn’t read Hit Upon God nor has Debozworth.

“I haven’t read the book but I know who Sammy Sportface is,” said Koepka. “He’s been fanning the flames of my feud with Debozworth for the past several months and I, for one, think he should keep doing it. It’s helping my brand and landing me more endorsement deals.”

Sportface could not be reached to explain why Hit Upon God is no longer for sale.

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