Dustin Johnson One of Many All-Time Classic “DJs”

Dustin Johnson One of Many All-Time Classic “DJs”

As Dustin Johnson (“DJ”) struts around Augusta National today on his way to the Master’s championship, we should all ponder the fact that he’s one of a gaggle of all-time classic dudes nicknamed DJ.

Let us begin with Dennis Johnson. He deserves to be first on this list of other DJs because when Larry Bird was asked who the best player was he ever played with, he said it was this DJ, the one who Larry passed the ball to after stealing Isiah Thomas’ inbound pass and DJ dropped in the winning layup to propel the Celtics to another Larry Legend NBA title.

This is the same DJ that absolutely demolished “Bullet Fever” and the “The Opera Ain’t Over Till The Fat Lady Sings” by Dick Motta when he powered his Golden State Warriors to the NBA title sometime in the 1970s.

Then there was DJ Dozier, one of the all-time biggest NFL busts. Coming out of Penn State, he was expected to be an All-Pro running back and, of course, the Jets drafted him, which was one of the biggest draft mistakes along the lines of Tony Mandarich and Heath Shuler.

DJ Dozier, as a running back, was why they call Penn State “Linebacker U.”

Then there was DJ Don Johnson, the pretty boy star on “Miami Vice.” He and his boy Bill Tubbs or whatever his sidekick’s name was rode around South Beach playing music by Phil Collins and chasing down cocaine dealers.

But let’s not forget DJ Dan Johnson, who now lives someone along the eastern part of Kansas and posts YouTube videos of himself riding around in a truck talking only the way Dan Johnson could talk. He grew up a few miles from Sportface and played right field for Our Lady of Victory’s CYO team.

And who can forget DJ Dave Johnson, who was the punter for the St. John’s football team in 1978? Dave’s Dad was also DJ Dave Johnson. And then they had a sister, DJ Dale Johnson, who Rudyface had a thing for.

There are more DJs out there. One lives among us and has become the leader of the Sammy Sportface Baby Boomer Brotherhood Facebook Page.

That cat is DJ Darden Jenkins who was a bodyguard for Jacklyn Smith when she was one of the stars of “Charlie’s Angels,” the hit TV show with Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd.

DJ Jenkins, the self-proclaimed “international man of mystery,” also led all of North Carolina in goals scored in his senior year as a soccer player.

“I may be the coolest DJ on this list,” said DJ Jenkins from his crib in Fayetteville, North Carolina. “I was a three sports stud in high school. When I got to Wake Forest, I didn’t hit upon any guy there who was a better all-around athlete than me except Sammy Sportface. He dropped 24 on Adrian Branch and then Rudyface asked to borrow his jockstrap.”

“I was better than DJ Darden at all sports,” said Sportface. “He’s right about that. And I was better than his boy Naves also. Naves sold out to UVA. He’s no longer a Wake Forest guy. He’s abandoned DJ Darden and Sportface for something better and more tied to wealth and power.”

There are other guys of note with the DJ nickname such as Darius Johnson, Don Jenkins, Dave Jones, and Donnie Jordan.

“In the history of the world, there have been plenty of guys with the nickname DJ,” said Sportface. “Being nicknamed DJ doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at what you do and I reference Dan Johnson as a prime example. What it does mean, though is that you get to say you’re in the same company as the international man of mystery, DJ Darden Jenkins.”

More importantly than all, these guys with the DJ nickname is the fact that there’s only one guy in the history of sports blogging with the nickname RG, and that’s Ralph Garcia. He’s the guy who loves to talk about Arena Eats and plaster their logo all over his website thereby hiding all the Sportface clogs so no one can read them.

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