Sportface Quits Blogging Profession, Ponders Next Move

Sportface Quits Blogging Profession, Ponders Next Move

After five years of creating a blog that he envisioned would become kitchen table conversation around every home in America, Sammy Sportface has realized that dream is not going to happen.

So he has decided to quit the blogging profession with no idea what to do with the rest of his life.

“I thought I had something going for a while, but momentum has fizzled,” said Sportface. “There was a time I thought Sammy Sportface would become big-time, the talk of the nation, but I’ve come to realize the entire concept has been flawed from the get-go.”

In an interview with the Scarlet and Gray Newspaper, Sportface vented that he felt certain his mission, to galvanize, inspire, and energize the Baby Boomer Men demographic, had legs because it was specific and unlike any other blog mission. The strategy was difficult to copy, easy to understand, and sustainable over the long term.

But what he quickly learned is that this group of men isn’t interested in joining any causes such as the Sammy Sportface Baby Boomer Brotherhood.

“They’ve all got their own parochial interests and are intolerant of any new themes or topics that Sportface tries to enlighten them with,” said Sportface. “All they care about is themselves. They wanted hyper-personalized content tailored for each one of them individually. That’s not a sustainable business model. They need to be open-minded and tolerant of new ideas and perspectives, but they’ve demonstrated they’re not.”

Now that his sports blogging life-long ambitions have gone up in smoke, Sportface says he’s contemplating some new ventures. Here are a few he’s tinkering with:

A weekly white paper all about Rudyface and no one else.

“The problem with that is that no one cares about Rudyface and he’s just such a Jerkface that no one would want to read about. So while I might enjoy writing about him, Rudyface as a topic is a non-starter.”

A second idea is to write about all the guys who have been inducted into the Gonzaga High School Sports Hall of Fame.

“But that would be an endless, aimless and meandering odyssey,” said Sportface. “There are a few hundred thousand of those guys and the content would get monotonous.”

So where to go from here?

“I’m thinking about hanging out more with John Ricca even though he’s made it clear he doesn’t like me asking too many questions,” said Sportface.

He could start posting his personal memoirs to, the fastest growing sports internet site in the United States.

“We don’t need Sportface anymore,” said NGSC Sports President Jerry Garcia. “Our viewership is going up like a rocket since we stopped posting blogs written by Sportface. We used him for what we needed. As far as I’m concerned, Sportface is a dumpster fire.”

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Sammy Sportface
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