College Football: The SEC is Making Up Their Games

College Football: The SEC is Making Up Their Games

At the start of the college football season, one of the power conferences, the SEC wanted to start in the fall. They were able to do that along with the ACC and Big 12. The coronavirus has impacted everything as we all know. These three were willing to take the risk. Just a few months after, the other two power five conferences joined. Those were the Big 10 and Pac 12. Well, this weekend we will have four SEC games canceled because of Covid-19. The question is how will they make up these games? Well, today we got that answer from SEC commissioner Greg Sankey as they will know play until December 19th. The Florida Gators had their game postponed with the LSU Tigers until December 12th. The four games that will be rescheduled is Alabama vs LSU, Georgia vs Missouri, Auburn vs Mississippi State, and Texas AM vs Tennessee.


I think that the SEC had this plan in place in case this happened. We all knew that this could occur when any sports season started up. Many will say that money drove college football to start and I agree with that part. Most of the schools depend on the college football budget to run their university. With a lack of fans, it will still hurt most of the schools. Now it looks like we will see the Alabama Crimson Tide and Florida Gators in the championship game. I am not saying that any of the remaining games are not important. Alabama has not played LSU yet and anything can happen on any given Saturday. Texas AM could also make a run at Alabama if they get beat. Texas AM has already beat the Florida Gators head to head. I am excited to see how these games go.


Most will say that the SEC is the best conference in college football. There are others that disagree. Most of the teams that have fans outside the conference hate the SEC. With Alabama being a dominating team for almost a decade now, it would be easy to hate. Remember everyone hates a winner. Look at the example of the New England Patriots who won six Super Bowls in 20 years. Greg Sankey has done an amazing job as the commissioner on handling everything with the coronavirus. I think that these games should be made up because you never know what might happen. I am sure that the non-Crimson Tide fans would love to see their team or not have Alabama in there at all. The question for the longest time has been who can beat them for the conference championship? Hopefully, we will get that answer this year.


This is where the Big 10 and Pac 12 are handcuffed if this is to happen to them. Their late start will hurt them getting into the college football playoff. The SEC, Big 12, and ACC all have some flexibility. For college football fans, all the games are important. Hopefully, the conference that canceled all their games will be back next year. It is fun to be able to watch the games on Saturday. I know when the calendar turns to the fall it is time for football with high school on Friday, college on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and pros on Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays. I am happy for the SEC that they get to make up their games because I love SEC football!

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