Clemson vs. Alabama National Championship Preview

Clemson vs. Alabama National Championship Preview

Clemson vs. Alabama part four is set to take place at Levi Stadium on January 7th. While the Crimson Tide are notorious for their stout defense, it is their offense that has the spotlight. Meanwhile, the Tigers take their defense and prepare to deal with Bama’s Heisman Finalist QB.

Part four. That seems to be common is sports as of late. The most notable part four recently happened in the NBA, with the Warriors and Cavaliers playing in the Finals. However, this game between the Clemson Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide is not as automatic as Cavs and Warriors was.

Both teams are characterized in a different style this time around. For example, Clemson’s offense relies on freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence, and Alabama relies on Heisman finalist Tua Tagovaiola. Both squads either saw former quarterbacks transfer or be shrouded in controversy. In Clemson’s case, Kelly Bryant was not prepared to face the competition from Lawrence, and Jalen Hurts continues to face the media about his position on the team.

Despite all of that, both teams managed to go 14-0 and meet for the fourth time. By all means, it was no easy task. While their records say perfection, there were some bumps along the way to overcome.

In the CFB semis, Clemson rolled over Notre Dame 30-3, with Lawrence throwing three touchdown passes in the process.

Meanwhile, Alabama survived a shootout against Kylar Murray and the Oklahoma Sooners, 45-34. Thus, setting the stage for Monday night’s encounter. As expected, Alabama is favored in this one, but it’s a slight margin. Both teams boast incredible quarterbacks and great receiving options such as Tigers receiver Tee Higgins, and Bama receiver Jerry Jeudy.

Both teams average over 40 points per game on offense and allow under 15 points on the defensive end. The question becomes, will this be a shootout? Or, a defensive stalemate? Either way, this game carries plenty of meaning. Over a span of three games, Bama is 2-1 in these games. A win for Clemson evens up the series. A win for the Tide cements them further in the history books.

The Crimson Tide have already laid out their legacy. The dynasty that Nick Saban built in Tuscaloosa, is perhaps something college football may never see again.

Equally important is the work Dabo Sweeney has put in to put the Tigers on the map. Clemson is as relevant as ever. Deshaun Watson is off preparing for the Texans playoff run with a smile.


Overall, expect a match full of drama, defense, and key explosive plays. In my opinion, I believe the QBs will have to win this fair and square. However, expect Tua to be ready. He is proven, and Saban is a genius with preparation. Whatever the occasion, Bama has a plan.

Expect no less from Sweeney and the Tigers. Lawrence, while a freshman, throws like a QB with four years of college experience. The defense, however, will suffer a bit. The suspension of DE Dexter Lawrence has yet to cost the team. But against the Tide, it might prove to be a different story.

With that in mind here are the final predictions.

In the end, the Clemson Tigers take the 2019 CFB National Championship crown. Final score, 41-38. Whatever the result, college football will conclude Monday night.

The first half, all defense. A few pick-sixes, and some fumbles perhaps. Then in the second half, the offense takes over. Lawrence and Tua duel until the final seconds, where a field goal will put the game away for the Tigers.

Perhaps Bama is a dynasty. However, if there is a team to challenge that title, it is the Clemson Tigers. Trevor Lawrence is a freshman on paper. His poise and confidence say otherwise. And let’s not forget what Tua did in the championship game last year. He is indeed, a mature QB.

What a season for college football. Another one in the books. Happy Holidays from all of us at NGSC Sports. Let’s kick 2019 off with a bang!

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