NFL: Chiefs rout the Texans after hot start

NFL: Chiefs rout the Texans after hot start

The Texans were off to a fantastic start in the first quarter, only to see it come tumbling down in true Houston fashion. Typical Texans

I want to begin by saying this. FIRE BILL O’BRIEN! Before we dive into how this ending happened, I’m going to spare you all of the stats from this game. While stats tell a big chunk of the story, there is only one real explanation. The Texans and O’Brien just plain blew it.

In fact, Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs scored over 30 unanswered points. 30! The Texans secondary could do nothing in the second half. Meanwhile, Travis Kelce just ran rampant on the whole Texans defense. Yeah, again stats won’t be needed for this one. Here is something for you guys:

Unfortunately, now there is a whole offseason to try and figure out what happened this time. For Houston fans, this just brings back more repressed memories. As a matter of fact, yes, I am bringing up “The Comeback” once again. But only to compare it to this epic meltdown. You see, here in Houston we are used to heartbreak. When Warren Moon and the Oilers blew a 35-3 lead, the city adopted a new popular mean. “Choke City.”

However, in recent times, Houston has only made that phrase more popular. Especially, with regards to the Rockets. But this performance was a new low.

You see, this is a team that has put the city of Houston through a lot. From 2002-2010, the team often ranked among the bottom dwellers of the league. Then, in the 2011 season, the team won the first of several division titles. However, that became the standard for this team as they have never advanced past the divisional round of the playoffs.

This time the Texans had a golden opportunity. They scored at a rapid pace. They had the Chiefs in shock at Arrowhead stadium. Everything was lined up for Houston to advance and host their first AFC Championship game ever. Instead, O’Brien’s offense failed to have success past the second quarter, and the defense just got gassed strike after strike. Also, that fourth and one fake punt was pretty pathetic.

O’Brien’s play-calling has been suspect before. But never this suspect. At times the man seems so arrogant and confident about what he does during a game that he fails to see the failure behind his decisions. The classic saying of “We were outplayed and outcoached” has gotten pretty stale if you ask me.

Usually, I would go more in-depth about how exactly this game was lost. But to put it plain and simple, this is not a game the Texans should have lost. In fact, the way the team collapsed was just purely cringe-worthy. So now, the entire city of Houston can lament throughout the offseason. As for Coach O’Brien, enjoy those checks. I guess it’s division titles or bust around here.

Nonetheless, Houston should be proud of the Texans, but mediocrity should not be the standard. If this team expects to be a true contender, then there has to be some sort of culture change. It begins at the top. Unfortunately, this coaching staff has not gotten it done. This team is long overdue for a change.

These fans deserve better. The phrase “Typical Texans” must die eventually. Until then, however, it shall remain alongside “Choke City.” Celebrate division titles if you’d like. But I think I speak for all Houston sports fans when I say this. It is time for football to deliver in this town. I say this as a writer and an angry Texans fan. One can only take so much heartbreak.

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Until next season, Texans fans.


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