Ohio State Quarterback Kyle McCord Is Not NFL Ready

COLUMBUS – The Ohio State Buckeyes return home to Columbus their third straight loss to the Michigan Wolverines 30-24. Buckeyes Quarterback Kyle McCord struggled again. Looking back to the very first game of the season, we should’ve seen the signs. McCord struggled against an inferior Indiana defense and should’ve led the Buckeyes to 35+ points […]

Buccaneers Deserve to Lose

The Tennessee Titans (3-5) travel to the Sunshine State this weekend to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-5) but everything in Tampa Bay is not as warm and fuzzy as the weather. After a dismal eight games so far this season, one should not have to look too far to recognize the problem. One may […]

Coherent Thinking

For dinner, I snuck two fully packed Cook Out chili cheese dogs into Starbucks and will be washing this ugliness down with a Peppermint Mocha Schmoka. It was a slightly better choice than the Pizza-flavored Pringles with Cheerwine I also fantasized about. Turning to rock and roll, I’ve got to make a point that all […]