NFL: New CBA Agreement Progressing

NFL: New CBA Agreement Progressing

The NFL CBA is in the works as both the players and owners try to finalize a deal that would see some significant changes to life in the NFL as we know it.

As the NFL offseason progresses forward, the owners and players are now attempting to settle out the CBA, or collective bargaining agreement. The agreement in question is set to last for the next 10 years. However, there are mixed feelings about it. Especially out of some high profile players such as J.J. Watt and Richard Sherman.

But why is this the case? Well, let’s take a look at some of the proposed changes coming to the NFL. However, keep in mind that both sides still have to agree so nothing is set in stone yet.

League extended to a 17 game schedule

More games, more games, more games. Words that any player in the NFL would scoff at. Despite all of the emphasis on safety and health, the league seems convinced that 17 games in the year are the way to go. While that may be good on paper, the health of these players is just too important in my opinion.

Regardless, this is a money move to gain more revenue and bigger TV deals. The NFL loves making their money. There is genuine concern that this may backfire on the league when a player suffers a big-time injury.

Only time will tell at this point.

Two additional roster spots

The next part of this deal is that every team in the NFL would get two additional roster spots. Again, this sounds good on paper, but the players and I really don’t believe this will make a big difference.

For starters, how will teams manage these extra spots? 53 is a lot for any roster, not to mention the inclusion of the practice squad where most backups play.

Nonetheless, it offers additional opportunities for players to land on a team, but at what cost and at what cost to their playing time? Will those two spots lead to more playing time? Again, time will tell.

Reduction in preseason games

The idea for reducing the length of the preseason from four games to three is not a new idea. It is another idea that was thought of with health and safety in mind.

Out of all of the proposals, this is the one I agree with. The preseason has no meaning and adds no value if you ask me. However, it does help teams warm-up for the upcoming season. Still, less meaningless games lower the chance of an unnecessary injury occurring.  That equals good news for the league.

Playoff expansion

More teams and playoff games? I can get down with that idea too. Again, the backfiring can come from an unexpected and gruesome injury. However, more competitive balance and an extra day of playoff football is never a bad thing.

I stress that the league must exercise caution with this move. While the revenue possibilities are there, player safety is still a big concern and again too many games on these players cannot be a good thing. Regardless, there is potential with this agreement, but good luck getting the players on board for a while.

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