SS: Light the Olympic Torch, Ignite the Winter Olympics

Light the Olympic Torch, Ignite the Winter Olympics

Light the torch. Watch it burn. See it swirl around.

Bring in the athletes to Olympic Stadium. See them in their countries’
various colors. So many colors to see: the Australians in green and
yellow, the Americans in red, white and blue, and the Canadians in red
and white.







Appreciate the pageantry, the spectacle. Anticipate what will happen
over the next two weeks. Compelling stories about people we don’t know
yet will pop onto our TV screens. On “Good Morning America” we will
get to know a little bit about their journeys to the Olympic
Games. They will be the athletes who overachieve, who realize their
lifelong dreams, of winning Gold, Silver or Bronze at the Winter

Notice how many athletes there are, hundreds of them, thousands of
them, from countries near and far and every place in between. They
will ski. They will skate. They will snowboard. They will flip and
turn and twist and land. Some won’t land on their feet. That will be
hard to watch because before our eyes a dream will be shattered in an
instant. Many will fall. Notice the skaters who try to do the triple
twist jump. They will push to the furthest boundaries of their
capabilities. Some will succeed; some will not.

The pressure will be palpable. All those hours each athlete has spent
preparing for this one moment to prove to the world that they’re the
best at their craft will come down to a two or three minute
performance, or a fifteen-second jump into the sky.








While we have been busy with our own lives, these athletes have been
busy honing their skills to prepare for these Olympics that start this
week. Who are they? Who will be on TV sets smiling in a few days
standing on the top podium with a Gold Medal hung around their necks
with tears on their cheeks? Will that person be from the United States
or Germany or Norway or Sweden or Canada or The Netherlands or France
or Poland or Russia? What sacrifices did they make? How many events
were they not able to attend because they had to practice their craft?
How many friends were they not able to make because they were so busy?

What do we have in store for ourselves these next two weeks? What
moment will touch us most?

What will break our hearts? Who will warm our hearts?

All these questions are about to be answered.

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