Golf: Charity Event Part 3

Golf: Charity Event Part 3

It’s that time again for another celebrity pro golfers charity match. This will be the third one. The first one was just between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Mickelson won that event and took many of his 10 million dollar purse to charity. These two were big rivals during their prime. Golf has not had a rivalry like this for a while since the days of Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. Many wanted the Woods and Mickelson to be just that. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Tiger Woods is in a class all of his own. Phil Mickelson has won majors, but still has not won a US Open. The last charity match was Mickelson and Tom Brady vs. Woods and Peyton Manning. This match was for Covid-19 relief. That match raised over 20 million dollars. Mickelson wanted to continue with another charity event.


This time, he and Peyton Manning will be the only two for the last match. Both Tiger Woods and Tom Brady will not participate. They will be replaced by two of the NBA best in Stephen Curry and Charles Barkley. Woods and Manning defeated Mickelson and Brady in the last match. This time it will be Mickelson and Barkley vs Manning and Curry. The golf will not be as good as it was in the second match. We all saw Tom Brady rip his pants but hole out for eagle. Brady struggles, but that will be nowhere near what Charles Barkley will do. Barkley has what many call the worst golf swing ever. They say it looks like he is having a stroke than swinging a golf club. Sorry if that offends people that read this. I am not saying in any way having a stroke is funny.


Stephen Curry is one of the best celebrity players, but he does not hold a candle to Tiger Woods. Once again, it will be great to watch and for a good cause. I remember the second one was one of the first live sporting events back on television after coronavirus shut everything down. I will be watching Mickelson, but Manning is a decent player as well. I have never seen Curry play on television, but Barkley will be the entertainment. Many will say that is not fair because Mickelson is a pro. I see the match as fair because Barkley is a horrible golfer. Manning and Curry will make a good team. They are both decent players that will give Mickelson a run.


I will be watching no matter who was playing. Watching players that are not pros can be a lot of fun. I have gotten a chance to play in a Pro-Am. What that is a chance to play with a pro. I played with the Champions Tour or the senior players. It was a great experience to see how pros get treated. I believe that many non-golf fans will tune in because of the players that are participating. Charles Barkley will be fun to watch. After seeing Peyton Manning play, it was great to watch and I am looking forward to seeing Stephen Curry play. The match will take place next month on November 27th and will support black colleges. Let us all tune in to watch.


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