DeChambeau to Golf World: I Suck

Miffed at his British Open opening round this week, Bryson DeChambeau unloaded at his post-match presser. “My driver sucks,” he said. “The manufacturer doesn’t know how to make clubs that I like. They shouldn’t even be in business. They’re a fraudulent organization. Somebody should investigate them for business malpractice. They don’t know physics and calculus […]

PGA: Koepka Blames Choke on Sammy Sportface

After crumbling under the mental duress of today’s PGA Final Round, Brooks Koepka took to the airwaves and blamed the blog he read about himself earlier in the day by Sammy Sportface for his embarrassing choke. “Sportface convinced me in reading about myself that I had more mental toughness than Phil Mickelson,” said Koepka. “After […]