Why So Many Elite Athletes Take Up Golf

Why So Many Elite Athletes Take Up Golf

There is much more to golf than meets the eye. It might not look like a demanding sport from a distance, but there are several reasons why it continues to attract elite athletes. Here are just some of them.


Calm and Focus

Ask any experienced golfer what their favorite aspect of the sport is, and many of them will tell you that the mental calm and focus a golfing session provides is a big part of it. Many golfers find the sport meditative; there’s nothing quite like being out in the open with good company and good weather, to play golf.

For professional athletes, these are invaluable skills to have. Every athlete needs to learn to shut out the outside world and focus entirely on the task ahead of them. Anyone who has ever had to take a difficult golf shot under pressure to come in under par will know just how tense things can get on the court.

A Social Sport

From politicians to business people to athletes, the golf course has become a common choice for many people looking for a palace to meet. Golf can be a fiercely competitive sport if you want it to be, but it can also provide the ideal backdrop for the meeting, greeting, and speaking with important people.

Golf was once a pastime associated exclusively with the elite. Today, golf is a much more democratic game, enjoyed by players from all walks of life.

It’s Easy to Pick Up and Learn

A big part of why so many people find themselves drawn to golf is because it is a sport that anybody can learn. While golf is a far more athletic sport than many people give it credit for, it is also an excellent sport for people with limited athletic experience. Good golf equipment is also considerably more affordable than many other sports, where the necessary equipment can cost thousands of dollars.

There is more to golf than meets the eye; it is an easy sport to learn, but difficult to master. Getting started is simple. Across the country are businesses like Ernie Rose Golf, providing golf lessons to new players and experienced players who have lapsed.

Most golf clubs operate on a ‘pay as you play’ basis. These clubs hire out clubs and other equipment at an affordable price. You might want to take some lessons before you head out on your own, and it will take time until you are proficient. Mastering golf is more fun and more complicated than many people realize.

Develop Athletic Skills

To play golf well, players need to develop their power and strength as much as their focus. Being on the green all day can be considerably more exhausting than you might think. The more you play, the more your strength and stamina develop. Needless to say, these are skills that any athlete wants to nurture.

Golf has been growing in popularity for many years now. It is no longer reserved for the upper crust of society. Golf is a game for everyone. Its popularity amongst elite athletes is a testament to all the sport has to offer.

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