Golf: PGA Players Will Now Be Microphoned

Golf: PGA Players Will Now Be Microphoned

The golf world is being turned upside down in a good way. During Match Two with Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady they were all wearing microphones. It was great to be able to hear their reactions and they heckling each other. Many of us golf fans are always wondering what the players and caddies are saying. We will now get to hear it. The PGA Tour is allowing players to wear microphones. I was one of the many who watched the Match Two and loved it. I am also sure that some players will not wear a microphone. With Covid-19 many tournaments this year and maybe into the future will not have fans. By the players wearing a microphone, it will now put us right there with the player.


One of the biggest concerns is that the player and caddy’s strategy are not heard by a fellow player of the caddie. Most players all have a game plan for what course they are playing. Golf is a chess match between the player and the golf course. It is a mental game that can be great, but in some cases, it can be tragic. The other one would be profanity amongst the players. There are many young golf fans out there and their parents that do not want to hear profanity. Those young fans call tour players their heroes. All of the golf tournaments have that happen in all of them. The networks that air these tournaments will usually apologize for it or turn away so the viewers cannot hear it.


I think this will get more people to tune in to golf tournaments. If they allow microphoned players at the four majors it would be cool. The viewers can see and hear the emotion that the player and caddie go through. Like I said, not all will like it. Brooks Koepka just came out recently and said if the announcers would just shut up players would not need microphones. Many will agree with him, others will not. The announcers do talk and analyze a lot during tournaments. It would be nice to hear what club a player is going to use. The caddie giving the layer, aiming point, and what direction the wind is blowing. It would basically take the announcers out of the broadcast.


The players are mostly welcoming the idea. I agree with the idea. I watch a lot of golf tournaments and now it will be better. If the players can keep the profanity down it will be a great thing. We do not know when we will be able to return to see a full gallery of patrons at golf tournaments. The microphones will help that until that can happen again. One of the things that I saw on social media and from the people at the bar that watched Match Two, all were happy about the microphones. It was different getting the inside of what these players are thinking and going to do. It will help us amateur golfers get more close to the pro golfers. Maybe we can be like Tony Romo and be able to call shots. This will be great for the game of golf moving forward.

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