Sportface: Only One Answer to Failing Mission, Walk It Off


Sammy Sportface had a vision to ignite the Baby Boomer Brotherhood, and yet we’ve lost our ways. We are adrift. You’ve sensed it for weeks.

Remember Sportface’s vision: to make the next 10-to-20 years the most productive of our lives. Our best days are in front of us. You sound skeptical. 

So how do we hit the reset button and refocus on our mission?

Sportface beseeches you to walk. Nothing more. It’s not a big ask.

Every one of you, start walking. Right now. Tomorrow morning. Tomorrow night. Father’s Day morning. Don’t stop. Like Forrest Gump when he just kept running, your mission – in order for the Brotherhood to meet its objectives – is simple: walk.

This is our time. This our moment. We didn’t ask for this moment. But it’s here. We must embrace it, grab it by the gonads, and wrestle it to the ground. Conquer yourselves and all your demons. You have a lot. So does Sportface.

Walk across your rooms. Walk down your stairs. Walk up your stairs. Walk to your kitchen and get a salami sandwich or piece of lemon cake. 

Walk out your back door. Walk out your front door. Walk across your lawn. Walk to your remote office. Walk out of your remote office. Walk to put your pants on. Walk to take your pants off.

Put your pants back on.

Walk down your sidewalk. Walk down your street. Take a left at the stop sign and keep walking. At the top of the hill, take a left. Walk, Brothers. Walk your way to The Promised Land, which is a state of mental and emotional ecstasy where you just know you’re making a huge contribution to the world.

Walk your ways into humanitarian fame on the scale of Mother Theresa. Walk your ways into the history books. Walk your cools selves towards all that is noble. Walk to show others how to walk. Walk to show you walk the talk. Walk to feel alive. Walk to fast food joints.

The more you walk, the more you will contribute, the more energy you will have, the more powerful your affect on others. Walk to show others what moxie means. Walk to be that guy. Walk like you’ve never walked before.

While walking listening to U2’s “Walk On.”

Walk around the block. Walk across town. Walk uptown. Walk downtown. Walk in circles. Walk to Wendy’s and Walmart. Walk because you can. Walk because you exist. You walk therefore you are.

Walk because you’ve got a multi-faceted strategic plan you must execute. You will need energy. Walking will give you that.

Like a needle injection, walking will shoot into you that natural endorphin high you used to get when you were a runner. But walking won’t hurt your knees. Your meniscuses won’t tear. Your legs will like you. No more knee doctor appointments. You will able to walk every day and not have to skip a day like when you run.

Walking won’t make the neighbors laugh at you behind your back the way they would if you ran. Walking at a moderate pace, the neighbors won’t know if you’re a slow runner. You will be deceiving them and that will make you feel empowered.

Walk for miles. Walk for posterity. Walk to get your freak on. Walk because you’ve got more to accomplish. Walk because you’re a card-carrying member of the Sammy Sportface Baby Boomer Brotherhood.

Members have taken a sworn oath to be spectacular over the next 20 years. We’re not slowing down. We’re pushing the accelerator. Walking will help you accelerate towards all that you still need to get done such as transforming the universe into something more compassionate.

Walk for your family. Walk for your kids. Walk for America. Walk for yourself. 

Walk wildly. Walk stylishly. Walk furiously. Walk like you mean it. Wonder as if you walk because it’s a part of life and life is a thing of wonder.

You have this walking in you. It’s easier than you think. And it pays bigger dividends than corporations.

Sportface started walking six months ago about five days a week. Nothing happens in my day until he walks. When he does, the rest of the day falls into place. In his Sportface mindset, he pens a blog such as this one (he walked earlier today). Clutter does not cloud his clear mind. He is a bastion of sound reasoning and sequential logic.

Walking does that. We are in this Brotherhood together. You are on this joyride with Sportface. Don’t disgrace him or you may have to face him. Get out there and walk. 

Your life will be elevated. It will help you.

Then you will be able to help other people.

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Sammy Sportface
Sammy Sportface
Sammy Sportface, a sports blogger, galvanizes, inspires, and amuses The Baby Boomer Brotherhood. And you can learn about his vision and join this group's Facebook page here:

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