Golf Shoes Are Now A Fashion Statement

Golf Shoes Are Now A Fashion Statement

When it comes to the game golf, many aspects have changed. One of those aspects is golf shoes. I started playing the wonderful game of golf at the tender age of five. The golf shoes back then looked like elf shoes. The same elf shoes that look very funny to wear no matter what time of the year it is. The design and spikes have also changed. My first pair had metal spikes on them. Just a few years after that the golf world banned amateur golfer from wearing metal spikes. One of the major reasons is it was tearing up tee areas and greens. The professionals still wear metal spikes. Those spikes make very interesting sounds as you walk across concrete or any non-grassy surface. Times have changed along with fashion and it has now hit the game of golf.


Social media has allowed us to follow golfers on all platforms. We can all see how much golf shoes have changed for the best players in the world. Many of those players now have custom made shoes. The shoes of today are now bright colors. In the past, they were just basically white, black, brown or gray. Those colors normally matched with everything. Some of the bigger shoe companies on tour are Nike, Foot Joy, Adidas, and Under Armor. Besides those, a person is known as Roly Padron. Padron runs Nomad Customs, the company makes custom shoes since 2013. He caddied for NBA great Ray Allen and asked him during that time if he could make a custom pair of shoes for him. Two weeks after that Allen dropped off 10 pairs of shoes to be customized. Allen loved the shoes and ranted and raved about Padron.


Padron has made shoes for former President Barack Obama, Michael Jordan, Albert Pujols, Penny Hardaway, and a ton of professional golfers. The biggest step he took was incorporating the sneaker into the golf shoe. In the end, it just looks better than walking around looking like an elf. One of the better things is a person can wear them not only to play golf in but out on a date or even running. With the customization process, a player can go and get what color or distinctive design they would like on their shoes. Golfers don’t wear basic colors as far as their outfits. So now, their shoes can be any color. While working at a golf course for 11 years I saw the cool designs and colors that were available. Most of those were geared towards the women players.


What I see on TV now is awesome. The players that are the tops on all the tours around the world are great. We love that the players have changed the way the golf shoes have changed. It’s better than wearing saddle shoes and now wearing shoes that look like tennis shoes. I currently own a pair of spikeless shoes. That pair doesn’t have any spikes, not even plastic ones that most amateur players wear now. Either way, the fashion of golf shoes has moved in the right direction. As a golfer, let’s see where it goes next. I have a feeling it’s going to be something we haven’t seen yet.

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