Sammy Sportface: Key for Cavs to Whip Warriors Is Kyle Korver

Key For Cavs To Whip Warriors – Kyle Korver

It’s not about LeBron James anymore.

It’s not about Kyrie Irving either.

They only way the Cleveland Cavaliers will upset the Golden State Warriors is if the team’s Kyle Korver gets hot from three-point range.

This entire series will be determined by the long-range shooting percentage through the rest of this NBA Finals Series of this guy from Creighton. In case you haven’t heard of Kyle, who has been in the league about 20 years longer than basketball experts predicted.

Who is Kyle Korver?

He’s a shooter. Not blessed with the quickness nor jumping ability of LeBron – nor 99 percent of the NBA’s players – Korver is a long-range shooting specialist. If he gets hot, the Cavs will have a chance. But he won’t. In the NBA playoffs, defensive intensity ratchets up. Players who are relatively slow afoot have more difficulty getting their shots off.

Korver is slow afoot.

The Cavaliers are going to lose.

Korver won’t be able to make enough shots to counter all the long shots the Warriors will drain during the Series. It comes down to Korver’s accuracy against Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson. The three latter players are quicker than Korver and shoot even better than he does.

The only way Korver could help his team win is if, by some strange set of circumstances, this Series comes down to a free three shooting contest. Korver makes about 91 percent from the line. In a clutch situation, let’s say Stef Curry draws a technical foul late in the game giving the Cavs two free throws to win the game, Korver will make those free throws.

But really, what are the chances of this?

If the game is tight, Korver probably won’t be on the court because he’s not a starter and not fleet afoot. Late in close basketball games, defense becomes more paramount. Korver’s not the guy you want on the court when the defense is paramount.

Plus there’s this: No player in the history of the NBA has ever been a key player in the Finals who matriculated at Creighton. Look it up. It’s a little known more cared about fact that Creighton is in Nebraska, which is more of a football state than basketball. Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Tom Osbourne coached the Cornhuskers to a few national titles and an average of over 10 wins per season. Remember the Fumblerooski play in the Orange Bowl?

Creighton is not a football school. Korver isn’t quick enough to get enough separation to make open three-points. Hence, the Warriors will close out the Series in five games.

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