100 Years of NFL- 1920-2020

100 Years of NFL- 1920-2020

The NFL has truly become one of the largest sports competitions worldwide. In fact, it is so huge that it is even considered a culture. Football is a sport where only those who put everything to it can make it. It takes time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears to get to the point where an NFL athlete is in their life. Football makes a man that sacrifices behind the curtain while others celebrate in glory. It makes athletes work together and connect in special ways in order to reach their goal. This is why the sport is world-renowned and is appreciated by millions if not billions of fans globally. It’s no doubt that the sport has surely and rightfully earned its massive publicity throughout its 100 years of lifespan.

The NFL was also a massive leap for the sports betting sector, given that we all know the American lifestyle has its fair share of gambling. Let’s face it… Americans love the enjoyable thrilling feeling of having a beer while watching the game with their mates and wagering on who they think they can predict will win. This is a phenomenon that is enjoyed worldwide on a massive scale, which started off with game-lovers watching the game and betting with their peers to make watching the game a bit more interesting, and now thanks to the advancements in technology, it can even be done privately on their mobile device on online casinos such as comeoncasino.net



Where it started


The NFL first originated in 1920, initially known as the “American Professional Football Association,” founded in a town called Canton, in the state of Ohio, by a professional athlete named Jim Thorpe. He was an outstanding player in the league at that time! It wasn’t until a couple of years later in 1922, till they adopted the name we all grew to know and love, the National Football League/ NFL








Little known fact, in the very beginning, the NFL was a tournament between a total of just fourteen teams! Only two of which are still in existence. 

This was the lineup for the first-ever National American Football League;

  • Akron Pros, who were crowned champions of the first-ever tournament, with a win-draw-loss ratio of 8-0-3 
  • Buffalo All-Americans, 
  • Canton Bulldogs, 
  • Chicago Cardinals, now known as Arizona Cardinals,
  • Chicago Tigers, 
  • Cleveland Tigers, 
  • Columbus Panhandles, 
  • Dayton Triangles, 
  • Decatur Staleys, now known as Chicago Bears
  • Detroit Heralds, 
  • Hammond Pros, 
  • Muncie Flyers, 
  • Rochester Jeffersons 
  • Rock Island Independents.




Nowadays, the NFL consists of 32 teams, more than double the amount in the beginning. However, the teams weren’t the only thing that increased over a century. The fanbase went from just around 4 states in America to the whole wide world, and the organization is estimated to have generated around 15 billion US dollars in revenue per season, and the amounts are only growing and set to keep growing limitlessly. 

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