Kevin Durant and the Future of the National Basketball Association

Kevin Durant will be looking on Thursday night, as the 2019 NBA Finals get underway between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors.

Durant has been nursing a calf strain since game five of the Western Conference Semis against the Rockets. The team has gone 5-0 in his absence, including a sweep of the Portland Trail Blazers.

Durant and the Warriors will be seeking their third straight title and fourth in five years. With many expecting some roster changes in the offseason, this could be the exclamation mark on a truly historic dynasty.

Durant joined a historically great team to pursue championships. He has been rewarded with two already, and he’ll look to come back at some point this series to complete the trifecta.

However, this offseason will feature a huge decision from Durant. Continue to win titles off a team he joined, or take his experiences and lead a team to a title somewhere else.

Sure, Durant has fit into a nice role with the Warriors, buying into the system. He has taken over as the lead scorer from Steph Curry and hasn’t looked back.

On the other hand, the Warriors clearly do not need Durant. His absence has showcased that.

They never did, but we knew this going in.

The phrase a “Spare Kevin Durant” has been tossed around countless times. The Warriors had the luxury of acquiring the potentially best player in the league.

You could even say they didn’t need Durant, they just needed him out of the way as far as competition.

Heck, the 10-time all-star even said it himself. “It’s been the Warriors and KD since the day I got here, not together,” said Durant.

In the back of his head, Durant knows his time is up in Golden State.

Sure he could stay for four or five more years and continue to rack up rings.

In contrast, he knows that won’t best benefit his legacy though, and believe me, he cares about his legacy.

In a Lebron James spin-off, he needs to leave Miami (a.k.a. Golden State) and win one in Cleveland (Wherever he may land).

It is the only way he can eliminate any doubt he is the best player in the league. It wouldn’t be Curry, Lebron, Kawhi, Giannis, Harden or anybody else.

As a result, the Warriors will probably win their third straight title once Durant gets on the court. Enjoy it though, because next year things may change.

Durant will set out to take down the very team that taught him how to win.

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