The Debacle of the Tennessee Titans

The Debacle of the Tennessee Titans

We all know sports can be very predictable. The Golden State Warriors will most likely make another NBA championship run, the Nashville Predators are looking to make another Presidents trophy run. However, you can think you can get to predict sports teams and be oh so wrong. Hence, where I come in. The NFL can be so easy to predict but not the Tennessee Titans.

It’s now Week 8 and I couldn’t have been more wrong about not only the AFC South being the best division in football, but the Titans being second in the division. I may get one thing right and that’ll be the Titans finishing in second but they should be in third.

This offense for the Titans is absolute garbage. Coming into the season replacing DeMarco Murray with Derrick Henry as the starter and adding quick Dion Lewis was a smart move. Lewis has done his part to a certain extent but Henry has been terrible. He is currently averaging 3.3 yards a carry with one touchdown. 273 yards on 84 carries for your number one back….whew. Lewis is holding a little of his end of the bargain with 277 yards on 73 carries averaging 3.8 with a touchdown.

Should I even say something about the wide receivers? We could all make an argument that Tennessee does not have a number one caliber receiver. Rishard Matthews and Corey Davis coming into the season were supposed to be the playmakers. Matthews left the team and Davis has had one breakout game and then went back to his usual dropping catches and making small plays. If tight end Delanie Walker had not have gotten hurt and sidelined for the rest of this year, I fully believe we’d be talking about a different Titans offense. Walker is the number one option for Marcus Mariota and not having him is crucial to his game. It also doesn’t help that your number one tight end can’t catch anything either in Jonnu Smith.

This offensive line has been everything but ordinary. Some weeks they can play to their potential as a top ten o-line or they could give up 11 sacks to the Baltimore Ravens. Marcus Mariota, who isn’t that great quarterback in the league, has proven his worth time and time again with this terrible offense. He’s either getting heavy pressure or getting hit. But enough about the offense. I really can’t even highlight a bright spot and besides that, you can’t really get worse, can you?

The defense is about average. Not a lot of bright things to say, but not as many terrible things to say like the offense. Injuries haven’t helped their cause either. A bright spot for this defense is Harold Landry with a forced fumble and three sacks. It’s unfortunate for an okay defense with the likes of Malcolm Butler, Jurrell Casey and Kevin Byard, to always be on the field since the offense is so terrible.

It’s not to say this team couldn’t become better, especially on offense. They have several kinks and pieces they need to work out and maybe the bye week can help that out. The Titans may have a chance of making the playoffs, but this team is far from being a playoff team.


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