Sportface: 9,000 hours shy of being a blogger

Sportface More Than 9,000 Hours Shy of Being a Good Sports Blogger

It’s pretty straightforward, according to the experts. If you want to
be great at something, you have to practice it for 10,000 hours. This
could be playing the piano or trading hedge funds or shooting a
basketball. It’s all about refinement of the skill, repetition
compounded by more and more and more repetition.







his principle, detailed in Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Outliers,
holds for other less worthwhile and sketchy pursuits such as writing
sports blogs. Theoretically, if some guy – let’s call him Sammy
Sportface – wants to be good at writing sports blogs, he needs to
spend 10,000 hours practicing the craft.

At the rate, he’s going, sometime more than three decades from now
Sammy will reach that 10,000-hour milestone.  So far he estimates he
has spent 71-73 hours writing sports blogs. The math tells us that he
needs to write for somewhere in the range of 9,927 – 9,929 more hours
before he gets good at it.

At the end of this blog writing session, he will be able to add seven more
minutes to his current total so he will be up to 71-73 hours and seven
minutes. Tomorrow he plans to spend about five minutes writing a
sports blog, upping the total to 71-73 hours and 12 minutes.

This is going to be a long and arduous haul.  But people have always
had to start somewhere and this is where Sammy Sportface now stands.
This is his lot and burden in life. There are other trades he could
pursue, and NGSCSports CEO Ralph Garcia prays that he will.







It would be a great day for me if Sammy Sportface decided to stop
writing sports blogs,” he said. “The amount of time and aggravation he
puts me through to read his drivel is tedious and a massive time suck.
I wish Sammy would figure out something else to do with his life.”

If I were Sammy’s advisor, I would counsel him not to get all caught
up in the numerical goal because it could be discouraging. Ten
thousand is a daunting number especially when you’re only at 71.
What’s worse, who knows if the theory is really true or not? This
could all be a pack of lies. Whose theory is it, anyway, Ralph

There is no guarantee that if Sportface practices that much, his blogs
will get good. It seems like a crapshoot to me. It’s chasing
vaporware. If Sammy were to ask me, I would do him a solid and be
blunt about all this. “Sammy,” I would say, “don’t waste your time
writing sports blogs. Besides Garcia, no one reads them.  Get a job in
software programming or horticulture or rock climbing. Integrate
yourself into society. Go fly a kite.”

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Sammy Sportface
Possibly America’s best sports blogger. Sometimes relevant and insightful. Often funny and satirical. Mostly mysterious and unpredictable. Only mildly interested in the truth.
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