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USA Baseball U13 NTC Standings Watch

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The first day of the USA Baseball U13 National Team Championship began on Saturday. Each team played 2 games in the USA Baseball training complex in Cary, NC.



The dirtbags had the first game of the day against the FL Dodgers scout team and pulled out a 4-3 victory. They got to an early 4-0 lead which was whittled down to a mere 1 run lead after a big fourth inning from the FL Dodgers. Despite that threat, the Dirtbags were able to pull out the victory. In their second game, they had a dominant 8-0 victory over 5-star national. In that game, pitcher Tristan Lange pitched 6.1 shutout innings (reminder that these games only go to 7 innings).  

Dulins Dodgers Prime

Dulins Dodgers Prime dominated in their first-day showings with an 11-0 victory over the East Coast Sox and an 11-2 victory over the Nationals. In both games, they got to huge leads early with a 6-run first against the East Coast Sox and an 11-run first against the Nationals.

SBA Marucci

SBA Marucci scored 8+ runs in both of their games with 3-hit games from Justin Ianneto and Jacob Seamon. Though in their second game of the day it wasn’t particularly necessary as SBA Marucci pitcher Joseph Newell pitched an impressive complete-game no-hitter.

Stacked Baseball

In their first game, Stacked Baseball pulled ahead a 2-2 tie with 5-star National with 2 run innings in the third and the 6th. They got to a 5-1 lead in the second inning of their game against the FL Dodgers Scout Team and never let go of that lead with the help of a 3-hit 4 RBI performance from Joshua Priest.

USA Prime National

USA Prime National took their first game of the day against the Top Tier Select Roos with a spectacular 10-strikeout performance from pitcher Andrew Bennett. Their second game would go to extras but they were able to hang 2 in the 8th inning to hold off Team Elite.


Canes National

National lost an early 4-0 lead against Kangaroo Court American and would end their first game in a 5-5 tie. Canes National was able to build a more comfortable 7-run lead in their second game on their way to a 9-1 victory against Prime 27:17 Midwest.

Kangaroo Court American

Kangaroo Court fought back from a 4-0 deficit in the aforementioned game against Canes National. Leo Reina’s 4 RBIs were especially important in Kangaroo Court American’s storm to back tie the game. They were able to take their second game off of a big 7-run third inning against Legacy Baseball Group.


Legacy Baseball Group

Legacy Baseball Group was unable to claw back from the aforementioned 7-run deficit for a defeat in their first game. They fared better in their second game as they won 3-1 with the help of Andrew Rico’s 3 hits and 2 RBIs.

Team Elite

Team Elite’s Boston Brown (3 no-hit innings) and DreamChasers Academy’s Derek Yomack (5 innings) both had great pitching performances. In the end, Team Elite was able to claw their way to a 4-1 win. They weren’t able to claw out a second victory as they would lose to USA Prime National by 1 run. 

Top Tier Select

Going back to their game with USA Prime National, pitcher Jonah Chavez went for 5 good innings but it wasn’t enough to win the game. Top Tier Select drew on a team effort to get a 12-3 lead going into the bottom of the 6th. While DreamChasers Academy got 4 runs on the board in the bottom of the 6th, the Top Tier Select lead was large enough and they were able to grab the victory.


5-Star National

In games against Stacked Baseball and the Dirtbags, 5-star National fell to early deficits. Both deficits would prove insurmountable as 5-Star National would lose 6-2 and 8-0. 

DreamChasers Academy

Pitcher Derek Yomack threw an impressive 5 innings in their first game but they would lose 4-1 to Team elite. In their second game, Derek Yomack was able to perform well on the other side of the ball as he draw 4 walks while Ryan Yomack pitched 4 innings. Despite those two good performances, DreamChasers Academy took their second loss in the tournament to Top Tier Select. 

FL Dodgers Scout Team

The FL Dodgers Scout Team tried to claw back against the dirtbags in their first game but fell up short losing 4-3. In their second game, they would take a loss against Stacked Baseball.


The Nationals got down early against the undefeated SBA Marucci and Dulin Dodgers. They let up 20 runs in their first day while only collecting 6 of their own.

Prime 27:17 Midwest

Prime 27:17 would be blown out by Canes National but were very close in a 3-1 loss against Legacy Baseball.

East Coast Sox

The East Coast Sox were only able to collect 1 hit in their 2 first games as they were on the opposite end of Jaden Newell’s no-hitter and could only muster 1 hit against Dulins Dodgers. They took losses in both games. 


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