Dak Prescott Writes Letter Calling for Release of Black Death Row Inmate

Dak Prescott Writes Letter Calling for Release of Black Death Row Inmate

He may not have been able to ink a long-term deal with the Dallas Cowboys but Dak Prescott isn’t letting that stop him from trying to make a difference outside of football. Back in 2002, a black man named Julius Jones was convicted of first-degree murder from a 1999 carjacking that killed a white man in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Jones’s attorneys cite several inconsistencies in the handling of the case which include an alleged racial slut made by a juror, Jones’s public defenders not being able to present his alibi to the jury, and the lone witness not being able to properly identify Jones by his hairstyle. After exhausting all of his appeals, Jones faces the death penalty when the state of Oklahoma resumes it’s executions later this year.

Prescott took it upon himself to write a letter to Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt and the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board via Time Magazine calling for the release of Julius Jones, and it was powerful, to say the least:

“As a black man in this country right now, I experience injustices firsthand day in and day out, even as an athlete with “celebrity status,” Prescott said. “Current events are shining a much-needed light on deep-seated prejudices and systemic mistreatment of black people, and it is my sincere hope that the cultural movements of today will lead to significant social changes that will create a better tomorrow. To that end, you all are in the unique position of being able to make a direct impact by addressing a specific miscarriage of justice.”

“After reviewing the facts of the Julius Jones case, I firmly believe the wrong person is being punished for this terrible crime; furthermore, an evaluation of the process that led to Mr. Jones’ conviction raises serious legal and ethical concerns. I implore you to right this wrong. Please don’t let another innocent black man die from the systemic mistreatment that has plagued our nation for far too long.”

Prescott also mentioned that Jones’s attorneys were appointed without any experience in death penalty cases and didn’t even present his alibi at the trail. Now, the quarterback of America’s Team hopes this wrong gets corrected:

“I ask for you to please do your part to help bring about this change by giving thoughtful and sincere consideration to your review of Julius Jones’ commutation application. My prayer is that he is able to salvage what remains of his life and that, through the righting of a decades-old wrong, he will be restored to his family soon.”

Some things are simply more important than football and Prescott is doing his part to stand up for what’s right.

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