Belichick Orders Brady to Pay Back Government Stimulus Money


No one on Earth except Patrick Mahomes needed to receive a government stimulus check less than Tom Brady, who recently inked a two-year, $50 million deal to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This did not bode well with Bill Belichick.

But he got one. TB12 Inc., Brady’s new company, received between $350,000 and $1 million from the U.S. government’s Paycheck Protection Program.

The Feds forked over this cash because his TB12 Performance and Recovery Centers had to be temporarily closed during the pandemic. So the federal government felt this wealthy man deserved financial support.

Belichick livid Brady got hand-out

Bill Belichick, Brady’s former coach who cut him earlier this year, is livid Brady got a hand-out.

“Brady has gone all branding and businessman and has lost his edge as a football player,” said Belichick. “He didn’t deserve more money to play for my team and he doesn’t deserve a government freebie. He’s overpaid already. He thinks he’s worth more than he is — and that’s why I cut him.”

Unfinished, Belichick said his former quarterback’s skills have diminished and he’s unappreciative of the fact that he only won six Super Bowls because Belichick was his coach. 

The coach says Brady should return that government money immediately or, even better, payback Belichick. 

Belch believes Brady should send money to him

“It would even more justified for him to send it to me so I can pay Cam Newton a signing bonus for joining the Patriots. He’s worth the money. Newton has plenty of high-level quarterbacking skills left, and I am so glad he’s my quarterback now and not Tommy Handout.”

Sammy Sportface broke the news that Newton would sign with the Patriots three months before the mainstream media (Sportface Scoops Stephen A., Reports Came Newton Will Sign With Patriots). 

The sports blogger checked in with Brady about what he plans to do with the $1 million. The quarterback says he has already spent the money on:

  • A T-Belch Burger grill and a yacht bigger than Belichick’s
  • 100 pounds of weed for his pot-smoking pal, Ricky Williams
  • A new TB12 air balloon for Antonio Brown with air conditioning
  • Cash to Julian Edelman to get him to quit the Patriots and play receiver for Brady’s Bucs this season

“I deserved this additional money for the lack of respect I was given by the Patriots after leading them to six Super Bowls,” he said. “They should have paid me what I was worth. They should have begged me to stay. But they didn’t. 

“The Patsies are paying a huge price – and so is the federal government,” he added. “No one cares about the Patriots anymore. Everyone will be rooting for the Buccaneers when the NFL season returns.”

AB’s air balloon will land on the 50-yard line

He said AB’s air balloon will land at the 50-yard line before the national anthem of every Bucs home game. Ricky Williams will be smoking weed in the pirate’s ship with Roger Goodell and Mike Leach in the endzone every time he connects on a touchdown pass to Gronk, who will spike the ball right when Ricky inhales the bong hit.

“Bucs games will be like the beach parties were in Daytona Beach earlier this year right after I signed with this Florida dream team,” said Brady. “One big party all day and night. I’ll pay for it all. I’ve got house money to play with.”

To be continued…

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