Baseball: These are Ugly Times in MLB

As the world continues to struggle with Covid-19, Some parts are trying to get back to what will be called the new normal. The game of baseball has already started up in Korea. Most can watch Korean baseball on ESPN in the wee early morning hours of most days. In the United States, there are now perimeters in place to possibly get the MLB season started. Of course, we have many that will do anything to get the game back. On the other hand, many have said there are dangers and the biggest issue IS money. There are currently 40 million or more that are unemployed in the United States. Money should be the last thing that MLB players should be thinking about. We all know that there are risks. Remember the doctors, nurses, and first responders that put their lives on the line every day.


Just a few weeks ago one of the players had something to say about the players taking a pay cut. That would be Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell. He said it on his Twitch stream which is another form of social media. He said that why should he accept $7 million dollars when he was supposed to make $10 million this season. Snell said he signed a contract and he is taking the risk of playing the game of baseball. I am not sure who taught him how to talk, but he says “what happens if I catch the Rona”. We all know that he means the coronavirus. His words come in a tough time right now. After his words went viral, many said he was clearly out of line. Many have had their lives turn upside down from losing their jobs, homes or both.


I believe there is no bigger risk that we all face daily. Blake Snell is an athlete and is no better than any other person. He plays baseball that entertains billions. I agree that he is at risk to get the virus, but no more than the doctor, nurses, and first responders are. Snell will make $7 million, or just a little less this year. Many people will not make that in their lifetime. Baseball fans are just plain tired of hearing about millionaires and billionaires fighting over money. We all want to get to what will be called the new normal. That, of course, will include the game of baseball. How it looks right now is we will probably have most of the reduced year of baseball with no fans. Snell is worried that players from the Rays or another team have the virus he would be in jeopardy.


In those terms, I agree with him as no one wants to get the virus. On the other hand, he doesn’t need to complain about money. Many sports fans or even non-sports fans say that athletes make too much money. I am currently 36 years old and I will probably see a billion-dollar payday for an athlete. The MLB, like the other major leagues, will be taking every precaution they can take to make sure none of their players get the virus. I am not saying that it will not happen, but I don’t it will think it will happen as often as it does in everyday life. Snell was out of line when he mentioned the money. It’s time to shut up and play the 80 to 82 game season and bring baseball back. Some players agree with Snell and others that do not.


What is your opinion on the players arguing about money in the MLB?

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