Always an Eagle: Taylor Ortlepp, Senior, Women’s Basketball

Always an Eagle

“Always An Eagle” is a series written by Boston College student-athletes, many of which have seen their seasons end prematurely due to COVID-19. This edition is written by women’s basketball senior Taylor Ortlepp.

As I walked off the plane in my home city of Adelaide, Australia on March 18, five months earlier than I had intended, I struggled to identify with any real emotions. I could not comprehend what was happening. There was some relief to be home amid all the chaos surrounding COVID-19 but I was deeply saddened that I had just left my Boston College family behind. Especially not knowing when I would be reunited with them again.

These past four years have been nothing short of amazing. I could never have imagined that packing up my bags, moving to the opposite side of the world, not knowing anyone, would have resulted in the best decision of my life.

From the moment I stepped onto the Boston College campus, I knew this place was my new home. As much as my parents would hate it when I referred to Boston as “home”, I know they were extremely grateful that I found an environment which allowed me to grow and mature into the person I am today.

To the Boston College Women’s Basketball Program, I am so thankful for the opportunities you provided me, including the constant support and guidance both on and off the court. You allowed me to learn every single day and encouraged me to develop both as an athlete and a student. The program pushed me beyond my boundaries and helped me overcome any adversity that was thrown my way.

My four years at Boston College were significant in various ways, but my senior year is one that will always hold a special place in my heart. This team truly did create a Cinderella Story. If anyone had told you that we would have been in the position we were at the end of our regular season (20-12 overall, 11-7 in the ACC), vying for a spot in the NCAA tournament – my guess is almost no one would have believed it.

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