How the Corona Virus is Affecting Sports Globally

How the Corona Virus is Affecting Sports Globally

How the Corona Virus is Affecting Sports Globally: Cancel sports. Cancel 2020. 

WASHINGTON — While the nature of the Corona virus is unknown to the general public, we do know that life won’t be the same for a while. Sports is where many people go to escape the reality of everyday life and due do the recent actions in the sports world, that’s not an option.

Lebron summed it up best:

As I mentioned, we don’t know the nature of this virus. These decisions are being made with the help of health professionals for public safety.  Here is how the sports world is being affected globally:


NBA games have been suspended. Their plan is to pick up the season once the disease has passed, meaning we could have games into August.

If you don’t believe in karma, please read the story of Rudy Gobert.

College Basketball

March Madness is still set to to be played… But without fans. The buzzer beater replays won’t quite be the same.

However, the show may not go on. The Power 5 conferences of the SEC, Big 10, Pac 12, ACC, Big 12 announced the cancellation of their basketball tournaments. Top-ranked Kansas and Duke also pulled themselves from the tournament. We might see this happen to a point where there’s no tournament left. It’s madness…


No official announcement has been made besides the Mariners have to decide between moving their opening game to Arlington, Peoria, or to T-Mobile Park without fans… As March 26th gets closer, the MLB will have to make a statement, but Sports Illustrated is reporting they are following the trend.


US Soccer announced that they canceling national team play in March and April.

It’s no surprise that the MLS announced that they are suspending play for 30 days. The WPSL hasn’t made any official announcement yet.

Champions League games have been postponed. There is no set date for when play is to continue, but Europe is at the height of their Coronavirus scare. US President Donald Trump announced March 12th that no flights would be allowed between the continents for 30 days.


The NHL made a statement early Thursday morning advising clubs to forego all morning skates, practices, and meetings. The announcement to postpone the season came to no surprise, but doesn’t hurt any less.

NWHL postponed 2020 Isobel Cup Final.

The NCAA tournament is still technically set to be played without fans, but the NCHC made a decision to cancel its conference tournament. It might be the same domino effect of March Madness.

The ACHA Nationalal tournament was canceled.


The Seattle Dragons will play their game this weekend without fans, but no other announcements from the league or teams have been made.

NFL Draft

This doesn’t happen until the end of April. They haven’t issued an official statement but did say to sources that they plan on moving ahead as planned.

However, the recruiting process is affected. Teams are pulling scouts off the road, thus changing the scouting and Pro-Day dynamic for players.


Things are ever-changing, but this is the most up to date info I could find how the Coronavirus is affecting sports globally.

Stay safe, and wash your hands.

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