Sixers fall to Boston in Opener in one sided affair

The Sixers opened up their season last night against the Boston Celtics. They lost 105-87, in what turned out to be a one-sided affair. The Sixers were right there during the first half, but the Celtics, led by coach Brad Stevens, made some big adjustments going into the second half.

The Sixers almost lost by 20 in what turned out to be a frustrating night for ‘The Process’. Joel Embiid had a good night, ending with 23 points and 10 rebounds, but was clearly very frustrated with his team on the court. Embiid got mad at his teammates for miscommunication and the lack of effort on the floor.

Running the show for the Sixers, alongside Embiid, was Ben Simmons who got really flashy in the first half as he was passing the ball very well. Simmons also attempted a surprising jumper in the first quarter. Simmons ended the game with 19 points, 15 rebounds and eight assists in a near triple-double performance. He definitely showed that he has great court vision, and it will be very exciting to watch him improve this year.

The Sixers also got a great performance from JJ Redick, who added 16 points for the Sixers.

Other than that, the Sixers did not look great. Robert Covington and Dario Saric were not big factors at all as they both had less than 10 points in the game. Markelle Fultz started in the game and only ended with five points. The rookie, Landry Shamet had one point, but he was very aggressive as he shot the ball early and often. The entire team played sloppily and they turned the ball over 16 times.

The Sixers played like a young team, just like they did against the Celtics last year in the playoffs. Embiid was quick to shut down any thought of the Sixers being rivals with the Celtics. The Sixers need to fix the silly mistakes and get everyone involved. Simmons has the flashy passes, but his team fails to score off of them.

The Celtics did have Kyrie and Gordon back in action last night, but it was Jayson Tatum who really outplayed everyone, ending with 23. If the Sixers want to compete with the Celtics, they have to limit the mistakes, because Boston will make you pay for it.

The Sixers will have their home opener tomorrow night against the Bulls, and then play another home match against the Magic on Saturday.

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