Sportface: Kawhi Leonard Will Return in 2028

Sportface: Kawhi Leonard Will Return in 2028

Kawhi Leonard Will Return to Spurs in 2028

The year is 2022.

Kawhi Leonard is still a member of the San Antonio Spurs. He still hasn’t come back from an injury that sidelined him for the 2018 season.

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These four years later, Kawhi remains injured, or so he says.

Today his coach, Gregg Popovich, called up his star player.

“Hey Kawhi, when are you coming back to play for us? It’s been four whole seasons you’ve been sidelined and not playing for us. I was thinking that by this time your injury would have healed.”

“I think I’ll be ready to play by 2029,” said Kawhi.  “Should be good and ready to go by then, Pop.”

“But Kawhi, that will mean you sat out of our games for 11 years. By that time I will be 83 years old and will have lost the stamina and mental abilities to coach the team. I need you back soon so I can lead this team to another NBA championship. You’re my star player. Without you, we have no chance to win the title.”

“I hear you, Pop, but I just can’t commit to anything until 2029. I may be ready to play in 2028 but that would be the earliest I could commit to.”

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“Don’t you get it, Kawhi?” asked Pop. “I won’t be coaching the Spurs in 2028. I will have retired by then. That won’t do me any good. I need to win another NBA title within the next two to three years and you’re the guy I need to make that happen. This is about me, Kawhi. I don’t care about your injury. And I don’t believe you’re all that injured right now. I think if you really wanted to you could play for us right now. This 2028/2029 stuff is insanity. Don’t you get it? I need another NBA title and I’m gray and getting older. My biological clock is ticking and you’re not helping me achieve my lofty ambitions.”

Kawhi said: “Hey Pop, you’re an old man. You should be wiser than you are. If you really cared about me, you would tell me you were happy that I had committed to returning to the team by 2028. Truth is, that would be doing you a favor. I really won’t be entirely ready until 2029. So I’m extending myself by offering you 2028. Yet you don’t seem to appreciate that I am stretching myself by committing to playing for this team. I can’t believe you are so unappreciative of the commitment I am making.”

Pop said: “Speaking of commitments, Kawhi, I’ll make this one to you. Today I will call the president and GM of the Spurs and recommend that you be cut from the team — not in 2028 or 2029 but immediately.”

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