Sammy Sportface: Warriors Are The Best Shooters in History

Warriors – Best Shooting Team in NBA History

It’s something to behold.

It’s something that’s never happened before.

It’s this Golden State Warriors team. They have three of the greatest shooters who have ever played the game: Kevin Durant, Stef Curry and Klay Thompson.

Yes, this is a true statement.

If you were to write down a list right now of the greatest shooters in the 71-year history of the NBA, these three guys would be in the top 50.

On one team. Right now.

Curry may be the best pure shooter ever. Durant is crazy accurate. No one his size – some 6 feet 10 inches – has ever made 3 point shots more consistently and more often than him. He’s also stunningly accurate from mid-range. And he’s one of the best shooters ever of any size. Thompson is an undisputed pure and deadly shooter.

The truth is that there has never been an NBA team that has had three shooters as great as these three guys.

Forget it. Don’t even try to remember one better. It’s never happened.

Many teams have had two and three and even four good shooters, with one or two of them great. The Boston Celtics come to mind. They had Larry Bird, a great shooter, and Dennis Johnson, a good shooter, and, well, Kevin McHale doing his inside post moves but those were not outside shots.

Among the all-time great shooters, Curry is in the top five and Durant in the top 25. Others on this top 25 list include Bird, Dell Curry (Stef’s Dad), and George “The Iceman” Gervin. Maybe throw in there Jerry West, Rick Barry, and Vinny “The Microwave” Johnson when he got hot coming off the bench for the Bad Boy Pistons.

So what does this unusual situation say about the Warriors? It says that any team that wants to win the NBA championship this season will have to defend three great shooters. Tough thing to do. Great shooters find ways to get shots off no matter who defends them. If the Cavs make it to the NBA Finals and decide that LeBron will shut down Curry, who is going to stop Durant? Kevin Love? That won’t work. Kyrie Irving? Won’t work.

If the Cavs put LeBron on Durant and Kyrie Irving on Curry, who’s going to check Klay Thompson? Tristan Thompson? Kevin Love? I don’t see that working.

You see, it doesn’t matter who the Warriors play in these NBA playoffs. They can’t be defended. It’s not doable. These three guys are just too accurate with their shooting. Each one is an all-time superb shooter. Any defense has to worry about each one of them.

There have been NBA teams with one great shooter who did not win the championship. There have been teams that have had two and still not taken home the title. But there has never been and NBA team with three superb shooters.

These are all-time great shooters. This kind of team can’t be beaten. It’s not going to happen.

If one of them goes cold, the other two will stay hot. If two of them go cold, the third one will stay hot. They will always have a hot shooter on the court.

Warriors will shoot their way to the championship.

And everybody knows it.

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