All You Missed But Wish You Had: Day 1 of Rally on the Chesapeake

“So Sportface, what tune would you like to hear?” asks Arnold Bradley Fagg to Sportface while sitting around the fire pit with the fellas last night at his crib on the Chesapeake Bay. “Goodbye Girl by Squeeze,” says Sportface without a nanosecond of hesitation. Arnold then puts on a Pandora’s Box of Elvis Costello tunes […]

Two Tips for Misreading Rooms

Ever been accused of misreading a room? I have. Misreading rooms is one of my unique selling points. Those close to me say it’s my superpower. Which makes me well-endowed to share these two tips for misreading rooms. Tip One   Let’s say you’re at a Spring cocktail party at some swanky suburban house in […]

Sammy Sportface: So Long Sammy

So Long, Sammy Sportface The public clamor for more Sammy Sportface is so loud it can be heard in New Zealand and Oregon all at once. Fans want more of his words, more of his mental disorder, more of his chaos, more misremembering, more dis-logic, more ruminations about the sports underworld. But they’re never gonna […]