2 thoughts on “Labor Leader Who Won’t Lift a Finger to Help MLB Retirees w/o Pensions

  1. Pat Kennedy Lahoud
    Such greed to leave the old boys who made baseball what it is today……These guys deserve more respect then this. That was a different breed. The would have acted differently i am sure. Soon this group wont exist…. Is this what they are waiting (hoping ) for. There are so few that are in need of what is there share in order to live the last years. The MLB health care cost is so prohibitive for these guys. MLB should give them the health care they need. So many cant afford to go to a doctor having been financially forced to drop the plan. Playing 11 years in the majors and recieving a pittance of a pension half of which has to be paid to secure insurance at 77 years old!!! This is an absolute outrage!! Is it true that rookies recieve a pension shortly after playing a coulple of games in the big leagues??? This 77 year old who played an unheard of 11 years in the big leagues had to play 5 YEARS to become vested in the pension plan……Tony Clark need a reality check and come out of his gilted cage and give up his job. He is not sincere or carinig enough to represent the retired players!!!! MLB, step up to the plate and show some respect….

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