NFL: Possible New Faces for the NFL Coaching Openings

NFL: Possible New Faces for the NFL Coaching Openings

In the NFL we are on the verge of having an annual event known as Black Monday. If you are not sure what that is, it is when NFL head coaches get fired. There could be as many as 10 getting the boot in the coming days. The biggest question is who’s fault is it when a team does not have a good season. I think it starts with the general manager and the coach on draft picks and if the players just do not fit. No matter what, the players have contracts and they do not get fired if the team does not do well. They will find the next coach either from past head coaches, coordinators within the NFL, or bring coaches from college. I will be diving into who I think deserves to get a coaching gig.


Eric Bieniemy: Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator

In my opinion, this should have been done last year. Bieniemy and Andy Reid gave the Kansas City Chiefs a Super Bowl title. He would make a great head coach in one of the many openings that will be coming up after Monday. Look what he has done with Patrick Mahomes who is the new face of the NFL. Bieniemy’s offensive scheme works in today’s NFL and if he had the right personnel, he could be a successful head coach. I also do not think it would hurt the Chiefs at all because Andy Reid is also an offensive guru.


Jim Caldwell: Quarterbacks Coach with the Miami Dolphins

The biggest question is why he was fired from the Detroit Lions? He went 36-28 while head coach with two postseason appearances. His replacement, Matt Patricia, went 13-29-1 as the head coach coming nowhere near a postseason appearance. He did a good job with the Lions and he should get a second chance. With what he has done with the Miami Dolphins he could be another position coach that could be a head coach again. Caldwell has worked with Matthew Stafford, Tua Tagovailoa, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. That spells well with him working with the other NFL quarterbacks.


Todd Bowles: Defensive Coordinator Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense has gotten better the last two years under Bowles’s direction. He was once a head coach and no matter where he goes the defenses get better. Bruce Arians has brought the Bucs back to a position that they have not been in 13 years and that is to the playoffs. If there is a change at head coach in Tampa, maybe Bowles gets the nod but we will have to see what happens. Either way, Bowles does deserve a chance to be an NFL head coach again. If that happens this year or in the 2022 season is the story.


Robert Saleh: Defensive Coordinator San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have been a good defensive team in the last few years. Richard Sherman, who was a 49ers defensive back, said that Saleh should get a head coaching job. We saw San Francisco in the Super Bowl just last year. If he brings that kind of scheme to a team that struggles on that side of the ball he will make that team much better. He, along with Bieniemy for their respective sides of the ball, should be head coaches in 2021. Let see if Saleh gets his opportunity or has one more year in San Francisco.


No matter what, there are plenty of coordinators or former head coaches that should get another shot. I will not be surprised if some of the top-notch college coaches do not get promoted to the NFL. Let’s see how bad Black Monday is this year. Like I mentioned earlier, there could be up 10 new head coaches next year. Even with the four I mentioned, there are many more that did not make my list. I will be interested to see who gets the positions that will be coming open. Not a coaching note, but Louis Riddick should be a general manager in the NFL.

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