NFL: Daniel Snyder, Its Time To GO

NFL: Daniel Snyder, Its Time To GO

The drama with the Washington Football Team continues. Already this year they are facing sexual assault and harassment charges. That is still up in the air because the two gentlemen involved have both left the team. The women that were involved are still making sure that they pay for what they did. Daniel Snyder is in the middle of all of this drama. Snyder has been labeled as one of the worst owners in all of the pro sports. He believes that minority owner Dwight Schar is trying to smear his image. I believe he has already done enough damage to himself. Let me start with the fact that for many years he was told they should change the name of his football team. Not until he was going to lose billions of dollars did he decide to make the change. In the end, he was going to lose money.


The newest report was that Snyder settled a sexual misconduct lawsuit in 2009 for 1.6 million. In the end, what is coming out is that Schar and the minority owners are trying to get Snyder to sell his portion of the team. According to Snyder, for the last five months, there have been threats. Whether the threats are empty or not, I can see why they are happening. The other owners are trying to get Snyder to sell the Washington Football Team. Many fans and other NFL fans want him to do just that. The other two minority owners besides Schar are Fred Smith and Robert Rothman. Snyder has blocked them from trying to sell their part of the team for 900 million dollars.


These same three owners wanted him to sell the team back in August before the season started. The tension has gone back that far. I think it would be better for the Washington Football Team to have a better owner. There comes a time that everyone outlives their stay. This is that time for Snyder. The Washington Football Team is in the midst of a playoff run. The NFC East is not the best division in football, but there will be one team that comes out of that division. What I am saying is that they should not have these types of headlines while making a run at the postseason. With head coach Ron Rivera overcoming cancer and getting this team where they are at is great. Just imagine what this team would be like without the dark cloud of ownership over them.


The writing is on the wall that sooner than later Daniel Snyder will sell the team or be forced to. The fans deserve an owner that cares about the team. With stories like Alex Smith coming back to be able to play after what happened with his leg, there are many positives for the Washington Football Team. The three minority owners have tried and whether the articles that just came out are true or false, it is putting Snyder in the headlines. I am wondering if the allegations by the women that were sexually assaulted by former employees come true, then Snyder may be forced out, which many want to see happen.

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