It is Time for Daniel Snyder To Go

It is Time for Daniel Snyder To Go

It seems there has been a dark cloud hovering around over the Washington Football team formerly known as the Washington Redskins. Daniel Snyder, the owner, has made it much better for his franchise. He swore up and down he would never change the name from the Redskins. But earlier this year, after many financial supporters were going to pull out, he decided to pull the trigger. The biggest one was Fed Ex who is the main sponsor of the stadium. Many NFL fans outside of the ones who are fans of the team have said it has been a while since they have made a name for themselves. They now will enter the season as the only team without a team name as we now currently sit just one week away from the start of the season. On top of that, there is now a sexual harassment lawsuit happening.


There are currently 20 former employees of the franchise that are saying that three gentlemen inside the organization sexually harassed them over the years. It happened within the confines of the team building and outside as well. Up until this point, Snyder was not part of those allegations. This week drew out something that may or may not have been true. In 2008, Snyder may or may not have had a cheerleader create a behind the scenes video of her and other cheerleaders partially nude. This, as we all know, is very unethical. He denies this ever happened and never asked for the behind the scenes video. Either way, this does not put the franchise in a bright light. The ones who are filing the sexual lawsuit against the Washington Football team wants Snyder gone. They think that even though he was not a part of it he should still feel the repercussions.


In this writer’s opinion, I think it is time he sells the team considering all of the darkness he has put over the franchise since he has owned them. Snyder has made many coaching changes and the team has not been very good either. I am not saying that they have not had good players, just not the right combination to make them successful. He also swore he would never change the name. But when it was going to cost him the money, he decided to make the change. After that, the lawsuit comes to a head. I believe he is in over his head. If he does not sell the team now he will continue to be the dark shadow over the team. The Washington Football team needs to get a fresh start. Most of us know that he probably will not sell the team.


We all have to sit back and wait to see how the sexual harassment lawsuit plays out. All three that brought it up have since left. Many of us take that is how they seem to be guilty of the harassment. Snyder may also be if they can find proof of the video. He denies it, but let’s see in the NFL finds it since they have taken over the investigation. In total, there were 40 employees the Washington Post spoke too. This came from John Keim of ESPN. All of them want Snyder out because of the environment he created.

Moving forward he said he would be more involved so that these types of situations will not occur in the future. He should have stepped up a while back. It seems to me that he only cares now because it will once again hit him in the wallet.


Should Snyder sell the team to give it a fresh start? Leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “It is Time for Daniel Snyder To Go

  1. He said he grew up a huge fan and always has loved this team, that is all the more reason why he should sell. If you truly love this team why do you want to see it continue to suffer. For the sake of all fans and yourself please step aside.

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