Five Latest Facts About E-Sports in Indonesia That You Need to Know

Five Latest Facts About E-Sports in Indonesia That You Need to Know

E-sports is a game that was once underestimated until it changed drastically in the 2015 millennial era. Since 2015 esports has been turned into an international tournament that opens in live DOTA2 games with prizes of up to $ 10,000,000. Since then, many people have competed in foreign countries to win this prize by forming teams to participate in tournaments in the world. However, there are some recent facts in the field of e-sports in Indonesia that are very strange for other countries, here are five facts about esports in Indonesia

  1. Lack of Sponsorship

Unlike esports abroad, which get sponsorship from Asus to tens of thousands or millions of dollars. In Indonesia, very few sponsors are willing to donate funds for the esports team! In fact, for advertising and reciprocity, if the team is well-known internationally, it is very good for the sponsor itself. The reason for the lack of sponsorship may be due to the lack of skills of Indonesian players or the lack of popularity of esports in Indonesia to date

  1. Less professional players

In Indonesia, professionalism is the most taboo for all jobs, especially esports, esports is a sport by playing games, most Indonesian esports athletes are more focused on their individual lives maybe because it’s just a game and doesn’t make much money, that’s why sometimes various sponsors blame esports players in Indonesia for not being professional, but that also cannot be blamed because in Indonesia games are still considered time-consuming and have no results (maybe Back to the lack of existing sponsors) sad, so esports athletes can go awry.

  1. Not approved by the government as a sport

The fact is that the Indonesian government does not agree with esports to be one of the international sports, they consider esports to be a joke and something strange. There are not many forms of government support in the field of esports, even though this year’s sea games have won a gold trophy that was won by other countries in the esports field. Maybe it’s still a long time waiting for esports in Indonesia to be recognized by the government and seriously trained to win the sport.

  1. Deemed illegal or without permission

Many people think that esports is one of the illegal games that are mentally damaging, but it is not. Maybe because there are soccer betting tournaments like FIFA where some of the participants bet before playing, but like, online esports games are very legal and good to play, apart from relieving stress it also helps us to get entertainment and get lots of money from winning and sponsor prizes.

  1. Esports began to develop during the pandemic

On the other hand, foreign sponsors have started arriving to sponsor esports teams in Indonesia during the pandemic such as the legendary mobile game dota2 and many more, maybe because during the corona pandemic there are no other sports that can be sponsored because it doesn’t work,

However, due to the arrival of sponsors, which are many esports in Indonesia, it is very developing when the demand for pandamik also increases, and more games are enlivened by gamers in Indonesia, of course.

These are the facts about esports in Indonesia, don’t forget to always follow the development of esports in Indonesia, because maybe one-day esports will become the number 1 sport and be useful for many people, see you!

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