Five Indonesian Sports That are Very Popular During a Pandemic

Five Indonesian Sports That are Very Popular During a Pandemic

Pandemics are certainly a problem in the sports sector, but did you know that some sports in Indonesia were very popular during the pandemic, here are five types of sports that were popular during a pandemic in Indonesia, remember only for Indonesia!

  1. Pingpong

Ping-pong is very popular during a pandemic, according to Indonesian expert survey records, the percentage of ping pong enthusiasts has increased from 31.23% to 70.53% in the three months from August to October at this time. Sports enthusiasts are certainly very happy because there are new enthusiasts who can become new opponents for sports enthusiasts. But keep in mind that the corona pandemic protocol is still prioritized even though this sport does not eat many players, every player and ping pong expert must wear a mask and wash their hands before they start playing either in small tournaments or at home.

  1. Swimming

Swimming? There must be many who ask why this sport has become so popular during a pandemic, whereas it is very dangerous because it is done outdoors. However, the fact is that swimming enthusiasts increased from 20.11% to 80.33% within 3 months from August to October as well. Maybe the answer is that this exercise trains breathing that can help us fight the coronavirus? But what is clear is that this is a very good sport to do even though it is not very popular in Indonesia.

  1. E-sports

Since esports were legalized as a sport in 2015 by the international community, there have been so many enthusiasts who have come and become esports players, of course, in fact during the pandemic, enthusiasts of E-sports have increased dramatically compared to other sports. The initial score for this sport was 15.98% and it went up to 95.55% in 3 months. Imagine how popular e-sports is in Indonesia today, the fact is that the game of esports is very admired, especially for DOTA2, MOBA, Mobile legend, and many more, such as virtual sports and so on. For more details about popular online games, you can go directly to Sbobet888.

  1. MMA

Wow, of course, everyone knows about this sport since it was legalized in 1999

In 2017, of course, there are many fans of Mix Martial Arts. Known as one of the first MMA fighters Ahong from Indonesia has introduced MMA and made MMA a popular sport during a pandemic, many training places and gyms have also been opened in Indonesia because of that, but the protocol for the safety of the coronavirus continues to keep everyone safe and awake.

  1. Chess

Chess is a game that is very relaxing because it only takes two people to play this sport and without the need for physical exertion, of course. But make no mistake, this sport is very stressful because you are required to think hard to win the strategy of your opponent, the fact is that this sport is very popular in Indonesia during a pandemic, chess tournaments in Indonesia have been very frequent in recent months, there are online chess tournaments ( via APK) or live directly so that the demand is increasing very rapidly. The easy access to this sport provokes many parties to join and play together

Here are five popular sports in Indonesia during a pandemic, which one is your favorite sport? Immediately join to start exercising because exercise is very good for your health and body !!!

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