Greatest ever football managers of all time

Greatest ever football managers of all time

Who is your greatest football manager of all time? Not so many people can answer that question as most football fans tend to focus more on players and forget the people who are behind managing and nurturing that talent. Without the manager’s input, there isn’t a full team. Football is more than just kicking that round ball around the pitch to score a goal. There is a lot of training, planning, and strategic formulations that happen behind the scenes to bring on that game that fans would love cheering for. In brief, coaches, too, prepare for matches and select the players just the same way as you would do when betting in a reputable site like Mr Green sports.

Football managers delegate duties accordingly to the other staff to ensure that matches continue as planned. These staff may include the medical personnel, technical bench, and the assistant manager. Football managers are not necessarily limited from participating in other spots. For instance, Pep Guardiola plays golf at times instead of watching it. 

So, who are the greatest ever football managers of all time? Well, our cream includes, but they aren’t limited to the following:



  • Sir Alex Ferguson


Is there a coach who has been able to surpass the achievements of Sir Alex Ferguson in their lifetime career? In brief, Sir Alex Ferguson isn’t just your average manager, but an icon whose legacy will continue living on at Old Trafford. Sir Alex Ferguson has been named English Manager of the year eight times, grabbing the World Manager of the year title four times in his entire career. It is also important to note that Sir Alex Ferguson has won five FA Cups, ten Premier League titles, two European Cups, eight Charity Shields, and Cup Winners’ Cup.

Sir Alex Ferguson first made his name in Scotland when he steered Aberdeen to break the duopoly, winning three league titles and four Scottish Cups.


  • Arsene Wenger


Most football fanatics believe that Premier League has never been the same without Arsene Wenger at the stewardship of the Arsenal club. Arsene Wenger is the coach who brought Arsenal to the globe’s limelight as he transformed the team from ‘Boring” into the best club in the world. His best season at Arsenal has to be the 2003/2004 season when Arsenal put forth a sterling performance with the likes of Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira, and Thierry Henry.

Arsene Wenger managed three Premier League titles, two French league titles, four Charity Shields and World Manager of the year in 1998. 


  • Sir Matt Busby


The greatness that you see in Manchester United today was inspired by many people, including Sir Matt Busby, who managed the club for more than two decades beginning 1945. Manchester United players who were mainly comprised of aging Legends were commonly referred to as “The Busby Babes” by most media houses as they adored their manager. 

Sir Matt Busby managed two FA Cups, five league titles, European Cup, and five Charity Shields. 


  • Jock Stein


Lastly, you might also want to learn about Jock Stein, a Scottish manager whose life was untimely cut shot while at the peak of his career. Jock Stein suffered a heart attack on the touchline when managing Scotland. Nevertheless, Jock Stein’s legacy still lives on, and he won’t be forgotten by many, especially after taking Celtic to ten league titles, eight Scottish cups, one European Cup.

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