Boston College WBB: Georgia Pineau, Always an Eagle

Boston College Georgia Pineau Always an Eagle

This is the start of a letter that is too soon for me to be writing. It was too soon for me to say goodbye to my college basketball career, to say goodbye to my teammates, my coaches, my friends, my professors, and our beautiful school. As I sit here in self-isolation, I remember all the gifts I was given just by the opportunity to attend Boston College.

Making it to the semifinal of the ACC Tournament in my last year with my teammates was nothing short of amazing. The thrilling Duke game where I was lucky enough to earn my 1,000th career point, just made me reminisce on all my years, all the people I’ve been able to meet and play with, all my ups and downs, all the lessons learned. After that game, we were on the biggest high, we were all looking at each other like we are going to win this thing. The NC State game – we went out as hard as we possibly could. Never in my mind did I think that would be my last game.

Georgia Pineau

The next few days went by so quickly. I was devastated, never would I have ever thought that I would be told I have four days to pack up my four years and say goodbye to my life-long friends. My collegiate basketball career was done right when we had the chance to make BC history.

Over the last four years, I have played with the most amazing teammates and coaches who have enabled me to have a family across the world. To my teammates, I want to thank you all for pushing me every day, for helping me learn and survive the non-stop student-athlete life. To my coaches and support staff, thank you for helping me develop and grow into the person I am today. Each and every one of them pushed me through adversity. To the whole athletic community, I am forever grateful for choosing BC; the people that I say hi to in the Conte Forum hallways are friends I know I will have for life.

I feel forever indebted to Boston College, for an unbelievable experience – one that I could never have even imagined as I stepped on campus as an incoming freshman four years ago. My time has been filled with so many laughs, some hard times, but mostly amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

To Boston College, thank you for being one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I’m not ready to graduate and start my life, but I know BC has prepared me for what is next. I will never forget all the people that have touched my life while I was at Boston College.

Signing off, with love forever and always.

Georgia Pineau #5

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