Will the XFL Return?

The XFL was an exciting alternative to the NFL. Many thought that Vince McMahon had figured out this form of the XFL. That all ended in early April. Most of the blame will be because of the coronavirus. When the virus hit it shut down common life. Within that, was sporting events. I got the pleasure of covering the Tampa Bay Vipers. While I was at the games as a media member the crowd was defiantly into the games. In many ways, it seemed to be what football fans wanted. One of the exciting rules was the kickoff rule. The players lined up five yards from each other and could not move until the returning player touches the ball. The XFL also interviewed players and coaches no matter what part of the game.


Most XFL fans believe that the league will be back in 2021. At the present moment, the league will not return. That comes from the brass in owner Vince McMahon and Alpha Entertainment. The league had five games played for each team. The ratings in the first three weeks were good. Most people believed that the league could survive one year and make it into year two. One of the other things that made it better than the AAF is that the XFL wasn’t competing with the NFL. It was trying to help the XFL players get back to the NFL. The fans thought they could see some players play in the NFL. In my opinion, I believe the league may never come back. I am not saying I didn’t love spring football. I have many reasons why I believe this.


First, the XFL was trying to get their players back to the NFL level, so what would that leave? The talent in the XFL would be gone. That would not be good for the league. I am not saying that there is not enough talent for the league to be successful. On the other hand, if the stars of the league go to the NFL then you’re left with players that no one wants to see. That would make it hard to want to tune in and watch games. I am not saying that the players that were left could not become stars.

Second, with the current situation that is going on it will be hard. We don’t know when sporting events will be coming back. What I have seen is that many people that had season tickets haven’t received refunds yet. That money would go towards the 2021 season.


Many will read this article will and say that I hate the XFL. Let me make it clear that I don’t. In my eyes, I thought the league could make it into a second year but after that, I wasn’t sure. The two games that I covered for the Tampa Bay Vipers was a great experience for me. The fans got into the game. On my Walker Report podcast, I interviewed a Los Angeles Wildcats fan. He told me what he liked about it is that he could afford to take his family. The NFL has made that extremely difficult with ticket prices. On social media, people believe there will be a 2021 XFL season. At the moment, I don’t see that happening but we will have to sit back and wait.


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