The US Open Has not Been Postponed Yet

There might be a sporting event that may be spared despite the coronavirus. In the world of golf, the third major is the US Open. The US Open used to be the second major of the year after the Masters. Last year, the USGA made a scheduling change and made the PGA Championship the second major. At this point, the US Open is still scheduled for June 18-21. That could change if things don’t get better with the pandemic. For all of us sports fans, we are hoping this might be one of the few sporting events that can get us out of the funk that the virus has caused. The tournament will take place at Winged Foot in Mamaroneck, NY. New York. It is shut down and the club was closed once the announcement was made. So now the question is will the tournament take place?


According to Beth Major, the USGA senior director of championship communications, there has been no decision whether the US Open will take place or be postponed. If it is postponed it will join the Masters and PGA Championship. The biggest question is how, like all the other sports, will they be able to get all four majors in the year. The Open has been canceled twice during both the World Wars. I am not saying it will be canceled, I am just hoping it stays on schedule and maybe one of the major sports tours or leagues can get most of their events in. Most sports fans are not golf fans so they probably will not care. But for the fans of the sport, we love to watch the four major and all the other tournaments. We must wait and see how it works out with the developments with the pandemic.


The problem is that the golf course is in New York which is a hot spot for the coronavirus. Some states still have golf courses open including the one I live in which is Florida. With the course closed, it is not being maintained to be in shape for what the USGA and the players will want it to be. Professional golfers are the biggest babies when it comes to course conditions. If there are any little inadequacies, they will be the first to point it out. Amateur golfers like myself just love to have half of the conditions they get. So even if the tournament goes off, there might be some complaints made by players. If we can get back to normal soon then we might avoid the wining. Winged Foot is a great course and once again will host the US Open.


I believe in the end that the US Open will take place in June. I am staying positive that we will be back to normal life in May. Both sports and other forms of entertainment will be back soon. We need to do our best from day to day and take care of ourselves. So until we can get back, let us do what is best to help each other.

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