A look at the biggest transfer of 2018: Ronaldo to Juventus

A look at the biggest transfer of 2018: Ronaldo to Juventus

With the biggest transfer of the summer now complete, its time to look forward at Ronaldo’s future at Juve, while also reflecting on his historic career so far.

While Italian football giants Juventus have dominated their league for years, the gap just became wider in Italy. As a matter of fact, much wider. And yes, they just signed Cristiano Ronaldo. Talk about going all in. In reality, Juve has much more in mind than just winning Serie A titles. For them, its all about European glory. The Bianconero last won the Champions League in 1996. That squad featured legendary players like Antonio Conte, Didier Dechamps, and Alessandro Del Piero.

However, historical lore and triumph can only last so long. For many, the now is what matters. Since 2012, Juve has been to two Champions League finals. In 2015 they lost to Leo Messi and Barcelona, while in 2017 they lost to Ronaldo and his Real Madrid squad. Since then, players like Paul Pogba and Gianluigi Buffon have all left, while guys like Paulo Dybala and Miralem Pjanic have come and played well.

So, what exactly does Ronaldo have to reflect upon? He’s won the Champions League in England while at Manchester United, and in Spain while at Real Madrid. He’s won the Premier League, La Liga, and is a European Champion with his national team. To say that he can’t win in Italy is an insult. Adding a Scudetto and a Coppa Italia would just be icing on the cake.

Let’s not forget all the FA cups and Copa Del Rey’s he’s won. In other words, the man wins titles. He demands excellence and perfection from himself and his teammates. Now Juve gets to feed off of that leadership and hopefully ride it to continental glory. To do that with England, Spain, and Italy’s most successful clubs is truly remarkable. It won’t be an easy ride. The five-time Balon D’Or winner has his work cut out in Italy.

For example, an adjustment of his will be dealing with the defensive-minded style of Italian football. However, Ronaldo is as gifted as they come. Throughout his career he has adjusted to the country he plays in. That will be no different in Turin. He may be 33 years old, but he always seems to be in top form and ready to play. In fact, he is the LeBron James of European football.

Juve fans should expect many things. Titles, frustration, and joy. No doubt about it, Ronaldo is a difficult figure to put up with. However, his demanding personality is a sign of someone who cares about winning. Juve needs that kind of attitude in order to get over the hump. However, expect joy and elation more than anything. This is a generational player we’re talking about. Those kinds of players simply just don’t walk through the door.

So with that said, congrats Juve. You pulled off a monster transfer. Turin,¬†get ready. Expect the eyes of the world to now be on the Bianconeri. But have fun while you’re at it. These kinds of moves don’t happen every day. Ronaldo now aims to take Juve where they haven’t been in more than 20 years. Ciao Ronaldo, and Forza Juve!

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