2018 FIFA World Cup: France wins 2nd title in Russia

2018 FIFA World Cup: France wins 2nd title in Russia

Allez Les Bleus! The 2018 FIFA World Cup concludes with a very talented French squad lifting the trophy. What a tournament it was in Russia.

It’s all smiles in France as the French National Team proved themselves in Russia all tournament long, especially on Sunday. While Croatia was a strong and valiant side, it almost seemed like destiny for France to lift the World Cup. Indeed, the French could not be stopped. As a matter of fact, Kylian Mbappe reminded the world that age is just a number. Only 19 years old, Mbappe had a great tournament, scoring four goals and being named best young player in Russia.

However, this team goes far deeper than Mbappe. Much like their heroes from 1998, this French team was united by stars and experience. While they were one of the youngest teams at the tournament, they sure didn’t play like it. Other players such as Paul Pogba and Hugo Lloris provided the leadership necessary to gel this super talented team. As a whole, this team demonstrated great balance and quality. Along with maturity, it also helps to have a coach who is a champion himself.

Many will recall Didier Dechamps lifting the trophy when France won back in 1998. He was captain of the team back then, and now he wins as a manager. All while piecing together a roster of 23 when France has an abundance of players to choose from. Nevertheless, Dechamps chose the right balance of talent and experience. As a reminder, this France’s 5th final at a major tournament in 20 years. That in itself is impressive for any national team.

The biggest strength for this team going forward is its youth. Benjamin Pavard, right back, is only 22. Lucas Hernandez is only 22, and Raphael Varane is 25 just to name a few. The aforementioned Mbappe is only 19, Pogba 25, and Antoine Griezmann is 27.

Some amazing pointers of this French team:

  1. 11 goals in the knockout stages
  2. Dechamps becomes the 3rd manager ever to win the World Cup as a player and manager
  3. 70% of this French team is of African descent.
  4. Les Bleus have won three of the six major finals they have participated in. 1998 World Cup, Euro 2000, and 2018 World Cup
  5. Won six games, drew one and lost none.

Whatever predictions people had of this team, there is no denying the talent of France. However, all teams must take note of the Germans. Become too complacent, and its back to square one.

While it may not have been Messi or Ronaldo lifting the trophy, the world met Kylian Mbappe. This kid is the real deal. While fans saw his work in the Champions League, the World Cup is a far grander stage. For his age, he showed some real guts out there. If the big clubs weren’t looking at him, they certainly will now. As a whole, it was a pleasure watching the French dominate. The combination of attacking flair and defensive discipline was perfect for this team.

History will remember this final as a classic between a football powerhouse and a tiny country dreaming big. And yes. Please remember, Croatia played the game well. While talent-wise they couldn’t keep up, the Croats certainly made up for it with toughness. In fact, that toughness got them far. All in all, this World Cup is a win, no matter what for Croatia.¬† No matter how far behind they got, Croatia came back.

Congratulations, Les Bleus. And to all of the French public. Merci Beaucoup. Thank you for the highlights. It was quite the sight to witness. Allez Les Bleus. Viva la France!

Goodbye Russia, and hello Qatar 2022!

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