2 thoughts on “Boston Celtics: Brad Stevens Deserves Your Respect

  1. I’m a 52 year old die hard basketball fan. I watch more college ball but also the NBA. I 100% agree. What Stevens did at Butler is nothing short of astonishing. And now doing an unbelievable job in Boston. I think he’s the best coach in basketball. And I saw those comments Popovich said about Stevens. What else can you say. The man is a basketball genius like Al Horford said last night. Excellent article.

    1. Thanks for reading the article. I’ve been saying Stevens is one of the best coaches in the league for the last 2-3 seasons. I don’t care how young he is. Just look at Sean McVay for the Rams. Dude is 32! If you got the goods then it doesn’t matter what age, gender or race.

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