2018 NFL Draft Team Needs: NFC East

2018 NFL Draft Team Needs: NFC East

2018 NFL Draft Team Needs: NFC East

The once powerful NFC East has not been what it used to be. Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles did just win the Super Bowl, but top to bottom, this division just aint the same. Back in the days, the Eagles, as well as the Redskins, Giants and Cowboys, were all the cream of the crop in the league.

It is a new day now and there is much needed by all teams to get back to those good old days. So, let’s take a look at the needs of each team in this year’s upcoming draft:

Philadelphia Eagles

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To win the Super Bowl without their MVP candidate, Carson Wentz, was one thing. To do it without Wentz, and then to beat the mighty New England Patriots, is another. Of course, their defense was a big part of why they didn’t miss a beat after Nick Foles took over for Wentz. Even though they lost a few players to free agency and trade, this team looks like they are ready to make another run at it.

At age 36, Jason Peters is coming back from a bad knee injury, so left tackle will be a priority for the Eagles. They lost Trey Burton, so they may want to take a look at tight end. They are pretty much set in all phases of the game, but will want to look to get depth at linebacker, wide receiver and a cornerback too. With Micahel Bennett possibly looking at legal issues, defensive end may be a spot to shore up.

Washington Redskins

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A big deal that landed them Alex Smith cost the team a few pieces. The had to give up talented cornerback Kendall Fuller. They also struggled in divisional play and had a near anemic running game. They had the worst defense in the league against the run. Jordan Reed struggled another year with staying healthy, and Terrell Pryor never panned out. In order to challenge for the division, and a spot in the playoffs, the Skins need a whole lot of help.

A nose tackle will be a priority in order to shore up the run defense. They will also want to shore up the offensive line with a guard and a tackle. The running game will not hold up with Chris Thompson as the feature back, so they will need to look for help there. With the loss of Fuller, they will also have to look at a cornerback in the draft. Another spot to fill will be inside linebacker.

Dallas Cowboys

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The big news in Texas is the release of longtime Cowboy, Dez Bryant. It was a move that surprised many, and Bryant is already speaking badly about his former mates. He is looking to land in the same division to get some revenge. They had to deal with the Ezekiel Elliot situation and once the air was cleared, they finished one game out of the Wild-Card spot. After a stellar year one, QB Dak Prescott fell off a bit as some may have expected.

Sean Lee just cannot stay healthy, so an eventual replacement for him is the first need. Plus, teaming up a new ILB with the likes Jaylon Smith would solidify the linebacking corps. Another need will be at defensive tackle, where Maliek Collins needs some help, especially after coming off foot surgery. It’s been a long time since one can say this, but tight end is another place to look. Jason Whitten is coming to the end of his road and a replacement needs to be put in place. Other spots to fill will be the offensive line, running back and safety.

New York Giants

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Last season turned out to be a nightmare compounded by season-ending injuries to Odell Beckham and Brandon Marshall. The benching of Eli Manning did not help matters either, and it all ended with the loss of their head coach and GM. The new guys in charge, Dave Gettleman (GM) and Pat Shurmur (head coach), will have their work cut out for them.

When the G-Men picked Eli Apple a couple of years ago, the thought was that the cornerback spot was a done deal. However, not only has Apple not panned out, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is now gone, so New York is back needing to fill this spot. Right tackle might be a need depending on what happens if they move Ereck Flowers there, now that they signed Nate Solder. Keep your eyes and ears open to the possibility of the Giants landing Dez. Other spots to fill are a quarterback, defensive end, center and wide receiver.


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